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Filed Under (EA System) by Casey on 25-08-2012

Coming back to EAKain, after some episode with EAKain on my blog some 2 year plus ago…

I thought I revisited some of the sites to see what was happening to EAKain. I mean, it was an interesting EA but due to some bad publicity which I have to admit causing some of it. Call me an old fool, but times changed and circumstances changed.

Previously, I have actually done some test between Primeval and EAKain. And just recently, I again tested both these EA out. Why I revisited these old EA? Well… probably because I did not really tried it properly on an ECN account. I mean they say that scalping EA works best on ECN account.

Having said that, I am not sure if Pepperstone Razor is a ‘full’ ECN account because in the past, to open a ECN account you need big capital. And of course at that time, poor little old me does not really have that much money to toy around with. Pepperstone Razor had a very low entry requirement of just $200.

I guess as time goes as more and more broker starts to pop up into the market to attract retail forex traders, and these brokers try to out do themselves by offering different account type while lowering certain requirement. Spread become tighter, 4 digits become 5 digits tick, micro account and even now nano account seems to exist.

While I believe I have digressed here, the point I wanted to put forward was that, I did not have the avenue to really see if those two EA work on an ECN account. But now it seems logical for me to test it out now with the lower requirement of Pepperstone Razor account.

Anywayzz… back to the story I wanted to tell. As I was doing a search for EAKain. I found that the site no longer exist. It is now a parked domain and even forexpeacearmy has said that BestEAForex.com has ended testing and the sales of the EA.

I did some searching and I discover something interesting… Apparently there is someone selling it and there were two new versions. 1.05 and 1.06. (I am using version 1.04)

After checking with REGNOW apparently this company FXBanking Inc (www.olykit.com) is actually selling EAKain at US397. It also seems like that guy has a wide portfolio of products.

Take a closer look and you might see that some of these EA are actually old products that were actively sold or marketing like there was no tomorrow.

If you dig a bit further, you will see that this guy is taking old product and selling it for it’s own. (One of his product portfolio was CloveriX)

Then again… It could be the same guy who produce all these interesting EA. With the internet you never know…but highly unlikely.

I guess since the owner never complain to RegNow for infringement of copyright. I guess he is free to do with whatever he wants.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in EAKain Scalper Pro, just do a simple search and you can still easily find this EA available free for download.

Here is another interesting part. His website is much more popular than mine. This Alexa ranking is like 620k while mine is 1,200k.

Which goes to show that his site has a lot of traffic and probably does make some interesting sales.

But……… I guess his target market are suckers…


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