It’s Sexy and You Know it!

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Once in a while I do go to Brit’s site ( to see what he has been up too… I mean one of the few sites which blocks out all the noise and hyped up talk about this EA being the best that EA being the best only to see if flatter from the face of the earth.. His sites shows you like it is…

Anyway while sucking up to Brit is not the objective here, I notice that he did something different. To my surprise in March, he started to feature EA’s which by his own admission, he mentioned that he does not toy around with these sort of EA. And which sort of EA is that? Grid and/or Martingale EA.

Man he is really cramping in on my ghetto… I mean… I am suppose to do all the martingale testing here. Not him…

Ok… I was just kidding… He can review whatever EA he pleases but gird/martingale EA? That is not like him, Volatility Factor EA (grid) and Forex Envy (martingale) were featured on his site.

Yes, he was the kind of person who would look at an EA, backtest it and describe the strategy behind that EA and if he thinks that EA has a sound strategy he would put that EA live. But again… Grid and Martingale EA?

I am still taken aback. So what does that say about the forex EA market??

Don’t know… I think I mention before in one of my post that Martingale EA will soon claim it’s place on the EA market. Why? Because most of the strategy EA sucks… Only a few of that EA probably stood the test of time. Probably Brit’s site will tell you which one it would be.

I mean… just the other day… Another long time EA trader commented on my previous post, that a new Martingale EA is in the market… Drive Expert Advisor

Having another guess on this trend is that, people have probably wasted a lot of money on all the other EA (non martingale) that they now believe it is time to give Martingale EA a try. Don’t know… I’m just guessing here


Martingale EA is sexy and you all know it!

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