Cashing Out?

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 05-04-2012

Sometime a few weeks ago, I was approach by what I believe to be one up-and-coming internet marketer. He said that he wanted to venture into the forex market and was wondering if I was interested to sell my site.

He explained that since my site is already well establish and he does not want to start from scratch. It was this reason that he wanted to buy my site.

I was like ‘Whoaa… my site is that establish?’

Thinking about it for a while, I guess my site is… or rather my domain is a very generic domain name. It’s Best Forex EA dot com and what content do I have on my site, nothing but blah blah blogging… but still no Best Forex EA in sight.

Not bragging… but the search term Best Forex EA yield me to be on top of the search page… And according to google analytic, it is a generic search name, and was the top 50 search for forex ea or forex robot… I said was… That is because when I bought this domain, I did some research to get good domain from the term forex, and ba ba boom! … Best Forex EA was on the top 50 and that domain name has not been registered.

Gold mine?!

You bet cha!! However, as much as I wanted to turn this site into something like Forex Peace Army, or 4xproject or all the other forex ea review site, I did not have the web or internet skills to do so.

I only have the skills to… Talk bull $hit… Rant… Complain… and probably adding some humor into some articles on forex. I mean I found most forex blog sites to be a bit dry with news and technical article… So at that time, I thought what the heck… Maintain my site as a blog site and explore my creativity…

Coming back to the point here… Cashing out…

I was initially tempted when he ended his email by saying ‘… let’s talk numbers…’  So how much is my ‘establish’ site is worth?

$200? $2000? $20000? Or $0?!?!

No… I don’t think it’s worth $0… If Jersey Shore and all the other BS reality TV (except for Amazing Race and maybe The Apprentice) shows are worth millions, then some of my BS on forex is worth something…

And so… I went to a few website appraisal site to see how much my site is worth. And the result it yielded ranges from $490 to $6,500! The only two consistent site that give me a good or relatively fair valuation (with traffic and all the site statistics attached) was and
which was $2,329 and $2,179

Like any other stocks, either I add a premium by the potential that it can make or I can just accept the ‘as it is’ value, but like most stuff that has a potential to grow… Usually they sell on a premium of what the potential is really worth… So I want to add 5 times premium to the current my current site worth. And I think if anyone wants to buy my site… It’s going to cost you a big $10,000!! Fair no?

But… after all that fun doing the research of my site worth, I decided to decline his offer.

No doubt, my site is not fulfilling it’s full potential but I guess that is because my own personal forex trading with EA has not reached it’s potential …

And when I do achieve it… I guess my site will propel me to STARDOM!!

FAME and FORTUNE awaits me!!!

Until then…  I guess all you visitors have to continue to put up with my dry humor and some bull $hit on the Best Forex EA…

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