Not So Hyperly Happy

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 10-02-2012

Ok… bad start… Very very bad start to the year

Even the new year of the Dragon does not seem to be helping at all…

Sigh…. Well no one to blame except myself. It was personally my fault. In one case, I did not read the manual properly while the other was because I had to scratch an itch.

For Hyper EA, I had the TimeCorrection setting wrong. Yes, this EA still uses a manual time correction setting rather than having an AutoGMT function. Not sure the reason behind this, but comparing my result and his it shows that the trade that I took which cause me to take my first drawdown was a trade that was not taken by his own account with PepperStone.

So it was pretty screwed up. On top of that Hyper EA seems to work better with Fin FX than Pepperstone… This EA does not take trades everyday… Pretty interesting I should say. Not all EA that trades a gazillion times per day is the best EA.

Anyway, the developer is and will try to insert an AutoGMT feature into the next update.

As for Happy EA… The itch I had to scratch was an itch I needed to satisfy. In the manual it was recommended that with less than $1000 (which is the case for my Alpari account) I had to use the second setting which takes a conservative approach.  Being me, I whack setting 1 instead of setting 2 on my account.

And what a whacking I got… well…serves me right… as the developers result shows a steady rise. My result shows a gawd dang fall…

A fundamental self flaw which I need to correct…