Starting 2012 On A Happy Note

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Happy Forex

Well, I am now in 2012. Is this the end for me? Or is this another good beginning?

I really want this to be a good beginning, and so I will start this on a Happy Note… By applying Happy Forex :)

Ok…  I am actually referring to this EA call Happy Forex.

How I found this EA was relatively interesting.

It was about a month ago, I started to think about what I wanted to do with my Alpari account. I know I have failed a lot of scalping EA on Alpari. Yes… Alpari is not exactly a fan of scalping EA, so my account was very messy.

And so… I scouted around for an EA that would prove to be good with Alpari, something that was not about scalping. And my browsing got me to this EA.

I was like… wow… smooth curve. 11 12 years backtested. Martingale… Yipee!! However… after close inspection, I found out that it is not a martingale EA but a grid EA. One and the same thing. Draw down can be a bit(h!

So I dum-de-dum-dum again and see what this developer has to say with his other account results and notice that he has applied this on Alpari. So I though what the heck… let me put this to the test.

Furthermore, it was a 11 12 years backtesting result, must at least give it some consideration. It’s not easy to fine a martingale/grid EA with a 11 12 years backtesting result. I know… I have been trying these past few months…

So… la-di-da. I backtesting this EA and below are the result. I thought doing a 99% would be interesting. And it was… however because it was a grid EA, it took like almost a week to do this backtest. Gawd dang man!!

For the sake of my happiness… I proceeded. Here are the results.

2011 – 99% modeling quality

2010 – 99% modeling quality

2009 – 99% modeling quality

2008 – 99% modeling quality

99% backtesting seems to be very awesome.

You would probably have notice some of this huge camel humps. This is nothing more than the dreaded drawdowns. From the graph above, the drawdown was as such 95.37% (2008), 42.71% (2009) 10.24% (2010) and 2.97% (2011). By the looks of it, it seems that the drawdown seems to decrease in the coming years. Does that mean in 2012 the drawdown could be less than 1%?!

Ok… that is wishful thinking but hey… it’s 99% backtesting model. It should be good no? Or rather the methodology of Happy Forex seems to be sound.

I know… I know… they say this will blow up my account. But hey… with such backtesting result I must do justice to this EA.

For the sake of my happiness (or sadness) I have to take a dive. So… here goes my leap of faith (on the backtesting result that is).

This is my account with myfxbook which I just started to put on live yesterday. Let’s see how this performs

This is the owner’s account with myfxbook

By the way, the owner’s site is from Slovakia as his domain suggest

And it’s logo is relatively creative don’t you think?

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