Son of Odin! Bring Forth thy Thunder!

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And smite thou mighty hammer on thy pips…

Of course I am referring to Forex Thor

However, Forex Thor is not the Son of Odin but rather the Son of Shark EA.

I am baffled by creativeness of this EA developers. I mean, this developer has actually release Shark EA, Sigma EA, ProFX and FX Pulse. And these names are kind of original, seeing how Alexander (EA developer) has started this business a few years ago.

For him to come up with Forex Thor and selling it like a much hyped EA is well… different. Maybe he is trying to re-invest himself… or maybe marketing an EA like this makes better sales.

I don’t know… but usually with these sort of sales hype means more critical look at his EA.

And so… Son of Odin, what bring-eth of you-eth to the mortal realm-eth? To blow the forex world to kingdom come?!?!

Oh lord… How I tremble upon thy power…

It is because I tremble by thy power, I dare not venture further… as I am not worthy of your awesomeness.

And so I watch by the side to see how the power of Forex Thor performs smashing pips after pips.

It looks good no?

Well… at the point of this writing it seems that is a very huge problem with memory leak. A lot of user seems to be saying that Forex Thor is crashing their VPS.

At this point of writing, Thor Forex myfxbook stopped updating since 5th of December. That is about one month since the last update, probably that could be the reason.

This memory leak seems to be a serious problem and the developer just kind of disappear from myfxbook discussion thread after a lot of people or should I say his customers are complaining about this memory leak.,1#?pt=2&p=12&o=219954

Initially in the discussion thread he said that, it stopped updating because he ‘accidentally’ switched it off. He ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ switched it off. Then when they started to complain about the memory leak, he said that he is not facing that problem.

But this memory leak issue has not only been discussed in myfxbook but also a lot of other forex forum. And now probably Alexander is behind the scene trying to solve this problem. Or probably busy trying to issue a refund to all the customer who are unhappy with the EA.

Now this guy… has actually made a bold guarantee statement on his sales page.



Firstly you get your refund in 90 days should you not be happy with the product. Secondly if you are not making money with Forex Thor, he will give you 100 bucks!

Man… with this memory leak issue, I am sure everyone is not making money and will try to claim this $100 bucks!! I guess that could probably be the reason why he is so quiet. Either he is laying low trying to repair the problem or busy handing out refund + cash. The last I heard was that he was issuing a new patch.

Anyway, Forex Thor seems to be performing very well until 5 December 2011 (on demo that is), about a week after that people started noticing and complaining about this memory leak issue.

And of course… I just couldn’t help myself but comment on this…

Hahaha… Get it?? Leaki… As in Loki… Thor’s evil brother? As in Thor’s evil brother trying to bring Thor down.

Get it? Get it?

No? Seriously… no?

Ok… never mind… It was a cheap joke but I just couldn’t resist it.

Anyway… until Alexander solves Forex Thor’s problem on this ‘Leaki’ memory issue, I’ll probably wait till then to get my hands on his hammer.

Erm… probably that did not come out right. But I guess you know what I mean…



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