One Loses And the Other Gains

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 17-01-2012

It is shocking to note but Plimus just kicked a lot of Forex EA product out of it’s portfolio and they seem to be restricting all forms of forex product. Now clickbank still supports forex product but not forex EA, or forex robots or forex software.


One of the suspected reason is the rate of refund is just too high. Apparently, 25% rate of refund is the maximum. Anything more than 25% refund rate means your product is $hit. And probably the rate of refund for all forex product with Plimus breached the 25% rate.

Well, they say that Plimus is actually just doing some spring cleaning and clearing out all those lousy forex business model or rather lousy forex product. Fair enough. They have every right to do so… Who wants a product that has a very high rate of refund anyway?

However, a lot of vendors are complaining that they were kick out with out much warning and time to prepare. Some affiliates were also complaining that because they are selling EA, they also got their account suspended.

Yeah… that’s not cool. Even if you want to massive spring cleaning, you do it PROPERLY and PROFESSIONALLY.

Anyway… and like a flock of birds migrating. It seems that all forex ea vendors are moving their payment platform from Plimus to RegNow.

Did a quick search… and voila!!

Most of them have started to move… I suspect there will be more soon.

As they say ‘One man’s losses is another man’s gain.’

There are two ways of looking at this. One, Plimus losses a lot of forex business. RegNow will see an increase in forex business. Two, Plimus have gotten rid of refund rates headache… and RegNow has just began.

One things for sure… Plimus’s credibility has kind of drop heavily overnight and probably they will take a long while to be a competitive Online Selling Platform Provider. Maybe for forex product only…

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