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I am coming close to my third year with SWVPS and I though it would be nice to write about Forex VPS again. There are many articles out there with regards to the need for a Virtual Private Server for forex EA traders and one of the key questions is which is the best forex VPS around.

Why do you need VPS for your forex EA trading? The simple answer is that your MT4 needs to be 24 hours online and you do not want the internet connection to be interrupted by anything.

And on top of that our normal internet connection at home can be said to be unreliable unless you are living in South Korea.

Fast execution is another thing… but if you are not scalping than probably one just needs a reliable connection to ensure that the trade are being executed properly.

Anyway, I am about to renew my VPS subscription and I though after 3 years there should be another VPS provider out there who might be able to provide me with a cheaper and better alternative.

And so I scour the internet once more to find a good and relatively cheap VPS provider. Of course I am going to use my current subscription with SWVPS as my bench mark. On top of that, I am going to make some assumptions here. Other than the parameter I state below in the table, I assume that all other services and perks are equal and non vital to a forex traders requirement

In my honest opinion, there are what I look at when choosing a VPS provider.

Disk Storage: Now, hosting your EA and your MT4 broker does not require a lot of space. At most, one MT4 broker will only take 6 to 8 MB. So why do you need so much disk storage for?

Even if I were to put all my EA on the server it would only take up about 1G.

Unless you want to do backtesting on your VPS, then of course you need more storage space for data download. And if you want to do 99% backtesting on VPS, you need at least 2G per currency pair. But I won’t recommend doing backtesting on your VPS. I don’t want to slow down my VPS for any reason. After all, I want my VPS to be in peak performances when trading.

More disc space means you can also keep other stuff in there.

While disc space is not all that important, humans being humans, the more the better as they say…

Physical Memory(RAM): This is very important because and unless you want to put in say 10MT4 testing it back to back… either demo or live. The more RAM you have, the more MT4 you can host on one VPS.

Bandwidth: Nothing more than how much traffic moving in and out. From my observation, leaving one MT4 platform with 10 charts open, my bandwith is about 800MB if you have 10 MT4 running with 10 charts open it will only be 8GB.

Again, humans being humans… we just want more for less.

So at the end of the day, I let the figures speaks for themselves. And I am sticking to the one and only the best Forex VPS (in my books) in terms of PRICE and POWER…. SWVPS

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