One Foot in the Water

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 22-11-2011

Wow… I did not realize that it has been a long time since I last made an entry to this blog…

Last post was in July… and now it is the end of November.

Didn’t realize that it took so long to heal my ego in my forex journey.

In denial? In pain? I don’t really know but the last crash did seem to takeĀ  a longer healing process. I seem to be numb with the things that has been happening in the forex world.

Even trying my hands on manual trading took a back seat. Reading all the forex books again and again also did not give me any inspiration. All the motivational books, phrase, sentences, words did not really put me on track to coming back into forex. I just feel so jaded.

But the yearning for success in forex still burns in me, while it does not burn like a fire, it however burns like a charcoal in a barbeque stove. Waiting for the steak to be grilled and cooked.

However… I manage to something which I wanted to do like a gazillion years ago. I manage to do 99% backtesting on a few EA. I also manage to do some work to further improve my Lovely Megan EA, which is the only EA that I am running right now.

Without speaking too soon… I think that is my best EA so far.

I maybe out of touch… but I think forex EA seems to be dying… Most of the old EAs seems to be either have died or selling at drop down price.

Having said that, I seem to be receiving one promotional forex ea every now and then. So probably it’s not totally dead… but I guess the trend seems to be moving towards manual forex trading… Mentoring… or even signal providing.

But as I say… I maybe out of touch…

With one foot in forex… I don’t think it is right for me to write off forex EA.

After a few years trading forex EA… I can only say that there is still more to trading forex EA then just setting it on your account and hoping to make you money without any work.

Now… I have to slowly crawl my a$$ back into forex.

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