Forex Growth Bot

Filed Under (EA System) by Casey on 22-07-2011

Hey… What’s up people…

It’s been a while no? Yeah… standing up again after a fall is no easy task. The healing period took a little longer than expected. Actually I was more distracted… Or maybe I purposely got myself distracted… Anyway… today is not about me. It’s about well… you guessed it. Forex Growth Bot.

This Forex EA has been around for a while and it seems to be doing very well.

Looking at my lesson Forex EA 101 – I manage to strip and reset all my EA on my account except for Lovely Megan. Lovely as ever and Transformer 3 sucks without Lovely Megan.

Anyway, following lesson 2, looking at what Brit had to say… Forex Growth Bot seems to be a trending EA and have so far looked very good.

It was because of that I took into lesson 3 and started doing more research on this EA and very little have been written about it. Even if it has, I seem to find more good things than bad.

No I did not demo this sucker… I straight away put it on live. There were already a lot of ‘evidences’ to show that the strategy seems sound.

It does (1) take small losses and (2) let the profit run which I believe it is one of the fundamental rules of trading. On top of that Brit’s own, live account looks terrific.

I myself have already put this sucker live for about a month plus…

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