I Am What I Am

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Dear Erik

I thought that I would dedicate a post to your comment on my previous post. Since you are my most avid commenter with regards to my recent event and also your comments did spark a much deeper thought into my Martingale escapade. And probably talking about it might give me a clear mind of who I am and what I am doing.

Anyway, this is what you commented


Instead of just “guessing” how to run strategies that work you should study statistics man, learn how to perform Monte Carlo simulations and learn how to study systems for real. I would hate to see you get all wiped but unless you get a grip and truly learn the stuff you are on the way for that. Don’t be stubborn, take advice, study statistics.




Backtests without an out of sample period are useless (you’re just curve fitting) not to say about the simulation capabilities of MT4 which are very poor for a system on a 5 minute time frame. Once you do truly reliable backtests accounting for broker dependency, spread widening and slippage and you also do Monte carlo simulations you will notice that this is a sure wipeout in the long term. Get your statistics together Chris, don’t ignore the shortcomings of your simulations. I hope you are humble enough to take this advice!


So… the first thing that came to my mind was “What is Monte Carlo simulation?” In your previous comment you did mention about that simulation, but I did not understand so I has assume that you were mentioning about backtesting. I mean… this was the first time I here this kind of testing on forex.

Ok… granted my forex knowledge is not as vast as the internet… So I went to do some research and this is the first site that came out when I google “Monte Carlo Simulation” was of course Wikipedia…

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Cheryl Dumped Me

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Another sad time for me…

I know… I know… people has already said I told you so. Martingale is an account blower. I thought that with a nano account I could manage to juggle two martingale all at once while I focus on GoMarket where I Martingale that account pretty aggressively.

Alas… A strategy that failed… Or rather two hot chickadees that were too hot to handle all by myself.

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Resetting My Demo Account Page

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Well… I have been neglecting my Demo Account Page…

So… looking to close all the other remainining demo that I am running and resetting or putting on new EA for demoing.

My ar$e Was Chewed Up

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If you guys must know…. Recently I was hiding in the cave with Osama Bin Laying-Low-for-all-this-while. While Mr Osama was hiding from the US, I was hiding from my pain.

You see, I got fu(ked again with a capital F by forex again… I had to hide from the humiliation and the fear.

But I must say… I had some fun with Osama shooting up beer cans with his AK-47 at the back of his cave and we also played a few games of ‘See if the US still gives a $hit about you’ by poking his head out from the cave… Just to flick his middle finger…

Anyway… about a month ago, I wrote this post, The Bite out of the Pocket. I had put a strategy in place that with hope that I might be able to work something interesting out for my GoMarket account using Martingale.

Well… As you can see, I got my ar$e chewed out. Ok… I did not actually blow my account. But the bite took quite a big chunk of my account.

It was quite painful even I knew what I was getting myself into. I even had to distract myself from the pain by toying around with Sport Betting.

Come to think of it… This event was more painful then getting shoot up by CloveriX (The Leprechaun Just Stabbed Me). Maybe because I had more hope for this strategy. I have to admit… it was a really hard shoot.

But yesterday, I had to come out of hiding and relook at my whole approach into my EA trading. I stopped my Sport Betting escapade and started to put my focus back on forex.

I just can’t give up this fast. I believe there is a lesson for me here. And I don’t think it’s ‘Stop fooling around martingale EA’ lesson. Maybe it’s a ‘Try a different approach with Martingale’ lesson.

I would like to think it’s the latter.  So now… it’s back to the drawing board for me.

So… That is What is Happening

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After a few days I finally realize what was the connection between 100PercentWinners.com and forex.

The developer of 100PercentWinners.com are actually the same developer of FAPTurbo…

Ha… I guess they either made enough with FAPT and all other things related to forex and am moving to betting…


I don’t think I will say more here.