The Leprechaun just Stabbed me

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 21-03-2011

Argh…. the pain!! the pain!!!

Yesterday… I believe was one of the those days where every scalping EA that trades EURCHF and EURGBP got hit… But nothing hit me worst the the Leprechaun that have been so good to me until it turned bad…

This just reminds me of the movie… Leprechaun. And of course I am referring to the EA CloveriX.

Just when I was about to prepare a nice page to promote CloveriX, I got stabbed.

Argh… the agony…

It is always interesting to note here that every time I am like ‘Weeee…. this EA rocks!!’ and the next thing I know it… ‘Bam!!!’ I just got fu(ked…

I think I have document this cycle very well on my blog. I guess that was one of the reason after so long I never talked about CloveriX because I was waiting for shit to hit this EA.

I mean… think about it. I have been putting this EA on trial and having fun with it for sometime and I never really talked about it. And when I dedicate a post to this EA…

This is what happens….


But having said that… I have to be honest…. wiping out my 2 months profit with just one sweep like that did not really bother me anymore. I mean when I say it did not bother me I mean I did not like spend the past few days gloating over what the fu(k when wrong.

No… I enjoyed my weekend… The only thing that came into my mind was like… Shit!! Deja vu…

Notice how about one bloody year ago… I got whipped…

Interesting eh?? Life in forex trading is just full of ups and downs…. It is actually when I say this I just put on a smile and thought to myself… My this might make an interesting post on my blog…

Is this going to be an annual thing for me? Especially for my Alpari account?

There are two things that I continue to ponder upon… It’s either I made the same mistake… which is being stupid… Or this is just a mere coincidences.

Last year… I did a stupid thing by putting an EA on my account live without even testing it on demo or even backtest it. This year… I did not do that. In fact… these days I never put an EA live until I really have tested it and thought about the draw backs of this EA thoroughly… No… not all this whipping was done by CloveriX. Half was done by all the other scalping EA due to the volatile nature of the market. (EABoss… Primeval… EAKain)

But the other half was actually contributed by CloveriX. So that was about 300 bucks worth of stop loss. Now… I in my consciences mind knew what I was doing… If you notice the green bar the bottom of the chart, I have actually started to gradually increase the lots of all these EA. And logically from the whipping I have done… CloveriX was the biggest risk I took.

I wanted to push this EA to see how well it can perform. So I put 15% risk into the money management settings wherelse all the other EA was only about 3-5% risk.

The total drawdown is somewhat right. I took about 20% risk on this account… and well… I guess this seems to be the worst case scenario.

I guess this one of the reason why this time round I did not jump like an angry monkey when I saw that drawdown. I guess I kind of prepared for it. That is what trading is all about isn’t it? I know the risk that I am taking and should it happen… I need to put on my cool head and think this through and slowly get me out of this drawdown.

Yeah… this is one thing I learn from trading Martingale EA. Don’t panic… stay cool and work my way out of this.

The only think that I can put my mind at ease was my rebate… I believe it has kind of help soften this blow…

This whipping is not yet over… I think I will probably see more whipping… and the only way to reduce the pain of this whipping is continuing to know what I am getting myself into and press forward.

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