Did I Missed Something Here?

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 31-03-2011

Ok… March is a terrible month. It seems that March is the turning point for me every year. Three years in a row March always seems to kill me. I really don’t know why? Is this a pattern?

Anyway, that was what was bogging me down these part few days. Trying to understand this cycle. While I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on with me, I think something just went past me like ‘Whooosh!!!’

If you are a subscriber like me to all the forex BS on the internet you might be also be hit by something out of the ordinary from forex.

And I am talking about this site http://100PercentWinners.com/

How can a domain name like this not catch my attention?

Now you want to know what is so interesting about this? This site is actually an Arbitraging Betting Software. Betting… as in Gambling… as in nothing to do with Forex.


If that is correct, then why the fu(k is some of the forex site, person, is promoting this site? Yeah… the email that I open up was from Mark McRae. The guy who is suppose trade forex and organize forex completion.

Bloody Hell!! Christian Bale!!

On top of that, one of the testimonial is Avi Frister. So who is Avi Frister? Well… he was one of the supposedly forex trader. He came up with some forex trading system call Forex Trading Machine. You can see check out his review here from ForexPeaceArmy.com..


(Doesn’t he look like Christian Bale?)

But the point is that… I know him as a forex player.

To find his name on a betting or gambling site makes me go like… “?!?!”

Mark McRae…. Avi Frister…  Two name I know who are in forex but promoting a gambling software system. On top of that, I am getting spam email from other forex traders who are promoting this site.

So… I am asking myself…

“Am I missing something here?’

Well… the only few common denominator here is: One… Making Money. Two… Internet Marketing. Isn’t almost everything on the internet define by these two denominators? And of course making money is the key link to Forex. And some people think that Forex = Gambling.

On a personal note, this product does seems interesting. 100% winner… Which Chinky Chong in the world who will give this a pass?

Firstly my forefather are Chinese and having a Chinky Chong DNA it of course propel me to anything that has the word ‘Gambling’ in it. So naturally my ethnic DNA is drawing me into this BS.

However, I have already resolve never to get into anything ala internet marketing style.

But then again, I was referring to forex product.

Argh!!! Technical dilemma!!!

The Leprechaun just Stabbed me

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Argh…. the pain!! the pain!!!

Yesterday… I believe was one of the those days where every scalping EA that trades EURCHF and EURGBP got hit… But nothing hit me worst the the Leprechaun that have been so good to me until it turned bad…

This just reminds me of the movie… Leprechaun. And of course I am referring to the EA CloveriX.

Just when I was about to prepare a nice page to promote CloveriX, I got stabbed.

Argh… the agony…

It is always interesting to note here that every time I am like ‘Weeee…. this EA rocks!!’ and the next thing I know it… ‘Bam!!!’ I just got fu(ked…

I think I have document this cycle very well on my blog. I guess that was one of the reason after so long I never talked about CloveriX because I was waiting for shit to hit this EA.

I mean… think about it. I have been putting this EA on trial and having fun with it for sometime and I never really talked about it. And when I dedicate a post to this EA…

This is what happens….


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I Resolve Never Again…

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To get myself sucked into a forex product if it is being sold ala internet marketing style.

If you were an internet marketeer… this is the site you want to take as an example to flog your product to suckers like me. Every internet marketing style and strategy are exemplified here. Front end, back end, upsell, downsell, rightsell left sell… email, gmail, xmail… you name it… you can find it here…

And the site that I am talking about it ProTradeCopyCat.com. (Trading flaw my a$$) Now I know for one thing that signal copier would be the next thing in forex ea but after what I have seen yesterday… I still think it will be the next thing but not in this manner…

Let me describe to you my experiences…

When the page was launched… it was damn bloody long… as long the as video presentation. Blah blah blah… all of marketing 101, 102, 103 was being displayed. Long winded and very much annoying with all the different fonts and colors.

I know what was it all about… So I just head on the the bottom download link to see what I am getting myself into. There you have it…

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Oh My Gawd! I nearly Died!

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There is this new forex product coming out that seems to be kicking up a storm. Ok may not kicking up a storm… but I am getting a number of emails with regards to this product…

Pro Trade Copycat Forex by David Henderson.

Now who the hell is David Henderson? $hit if I know… I tried searching on the net but can’t really find or see who he is or was… Apparently David Henderson is a very common name in Britain.

Anyway… it seems that copy trading is the next thing or angle in forex ea. Since now Forex EA seems to be protected via a remote hosts, some forex ea developer seems to think that probably coping trade would make more sense… Not only is their algorithm protected… They can start charging a monthly subscription fee.

So… forex trade being remotely sent to you. Great isn’t it? But… what if the trade signal is shit?!

Ok… Today is not the post about forex signal… It’s a post about this new product.

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The Bite out of the Pocket

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Just a couple of moments ago… I published my ‘Deal and Store’ on FX-Pitbull. And it seems that Pitbull is taking a bite out of the Forex EA industry…

It’s just gruesome…. It use to be $199 but not it’s $799!!!

Either the developer is crazy and would rather make one sales at $800 then 4 sales at $200…

Or this EA has been around for a long time and the developer is confident of it’s performances.

Now I have no issue wanting to push this product… I use it and it seems to be yield some interesting results.

In my previous post about Pitbull, I wrote on how I first blew up my Alpari account on Pitbull (The Bull is Down in the Pits) and then I did a second try… with a smaller lot and here is the result…

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