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Every year I celebrate two New Year… One is the English New Year which falls on the 1st day of the 1st month of the new year base on the Roman/English calendar… While the Chinese New Year other is the 1st day of the 1st month of the new year base on the Chinese calendar…

Both these dates are very important to me… While one is the time where we reflect what we did the year before and seek a resolve or objective to achieve in the new year, the other however is very significant to the Chinese because it’s all about money and about trying to bring luck into their lives and accumulate good fortune during that year…

There will be a lot of culture or tradition to follow… things that needs to be done to welcome the god of fortune… And one of the aspect that gives every single Chinese a reason to gamble to ‘test’ their fortune.

I am no exception to this celebratory tradition. I find it an excuse to gamble… for the fun of it… Yes… these is such thing as gambling for the fun of it.

However… this year is particularly an exciting year for me… Why?

Because it is MY YEAR!

Yes… I’m born in the year for the Rabbit… Every 12 years I get to say… ‘$crew you world!!’

Ok… maybe not in that manner but this year it’s like celebrating a leap year… or celebrating the turn of the century… or celebrating the Olympic or the World Cup every four years…

Every year that lunar celebrate a celestial animal… and there are 12 celestial animal. So… every 12 year, the cycle will come back again to to the same animal.

Which means every 12 years I get to celebrate my lunar year…. A year where I believe it is a time I start a new chapter in this life time for me. (From here it is not that difficult to guess my age… )

So that is a good cause for celebration for me.

During this time every year… Chinese stores will be closed even China is close for one week… Absolutely no business activity whatsoever…

The Chinese culture is before the new year… we are suppose to ‘Sau Kung’ or finish up our work for the year and celebrate the coming new year. Finish up all our business and leave the bad fortune behind that is, if we experiences bad fortune in that year and move towards a year with enthusiasm that our fortune will change.

And if we have experiences a good year, we are suppose to celebrate our fortune by hosting a wonderful feast for your family and friends. And of course push our luck by gambling more… :)

Anyway… for me with forex… I don’t think I will ‘sau kung’ or close it for this festive season.

Firstly… it is not a bank holiday… so there is no risk of margin or risk.

Secondly… trading forex falls in the tradition of gambling… (It’s gambling depend on how you see it and I would rather ‘gamble’ on something I know well).

Thirdly… it is not me who is working… it’s my minions robots. (You got to love EA for this)

So… live goes on with Forex front with my EAs… and for me…

It’s time to PARTY!!!!

To all my visitors… I would like to wish you all a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR… even thought one might not celebrate this occasion.

I wish you good health and wealth and may the god of fortune bless you all with everything your hearts desire…


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