This Be Thy Leprechaun?

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I have never really talk about this in particular EA in great length but I did mention this EA here and there on my blog.

CloveriX EA

I think the developer of this EA is Irish…

Previously when he release this EA… Oh… this EA have been around for a while it’s just that the developer choose to discontinue the sales of this EA during the hype of EA industry….

As I was saying… when he release his EA… His site was decorated in a very greenish sort of theme and the base of it all was a four leave clover. And when I think of four leave clovers I think of Ireland, I think of Guinness, I think of Murphy’s law, I think of Leprechaun, I think of Rainbow….

Anyway… CloveriX is not your kind of sexy EA where everybody talks about it and want a piece of the action. No… this EA is no $lut in the EA world. And certainly not the sort of EA where one can find a huge pot of gold…

Many people knows of it… but somehow or rather they ever talk a lot about it. Go to any forum site and CloveriX thread is just a few pages long. No deep discussion about what this EA is all about. Most people think it’s a myth or scam or nothing more than a two cent EA.

On top of that, the developer seems to keep a low profile so much like a Leprechaun. People heard of it and just dismiss it as a myth. As quickly as it was launched it was quickly taken down.

I think the developer did a good move. Take it down when the hype was at it’s peak and recently putting it back for sale again when the market is pretty matured and settled.

While this is not a huge pot of gold… I believe it is a pot of gold where this could be an EA which you might want to think about having as part of your EA portfolio.

Results speaks louder than any words written on the internet…. Let me recap again my previous Forex Exhibitionism


Now CloveriX is a scalping EA but it’s not your average scalping EA… Over the past three months… I only manage $90 bucks profit with Cloverix… but if you look the loss count… I only took a $10 hit…

Initially, I though it was a coincidences… since scalping EA are doing well all round. I thought this EA is also running with all the other scalping EA. But the drawdown seems to be relatively low…  One can easily compare the loss count for not only EABoss but Primeval and EAKain for EURCHF and EURGBP.

Firstly take a look at Leprechaun’s myfxbook…

And now take a look at my own account

I have filter out only CloveriX and took a screenshot… You can toy with it and see for yourself if you want to

After filtering out only CloveriX, you will concur with me that…  This be thy Leprechaun on Alpari

Now.. I have been trading it using 0.1 lot… over the past few months but recently after taking a close look at how it is performing, I thought it would be interesting to pump up the volume a bit… That is why you can see the spike in the lot size at the end of the chart (the green fingers popping out at the bottom)

For an EA to be relatively good, you might think that it is expensive… But let me tell you this… CloveriX ver 2 is only selling for $99 $129

I mean come on… $99 $129 bucks!!

I think it is one of the best ones around and only selling for $99 $129 bucks!!

(Update: As of 8 March 2011, CloveriXV2 price is $129)

Anyway… his site just shows you some results on not only CloveriX but a few other of his EA and affiliation with other EA which is not his.

If you take a closer look… IrisFX is selling for $149 and the result is not as exciting as CloveriX…. go figure…


BUY NOW link for CloveriX for $99 $129bucks…


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