Prime vs Kain (A year later)

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I don’t know if it’s a coincidences… probably it is…

About a year ago I posted this article Prime vs Kain Of course at that time, it was still ‘too early to say’

Yesterday I just exhibited my Primeval and EAKain (ScalperPro) for the world to see… Ok only 3 months worth of data for the world to see. Could have shown more but I think it was three months ago that I started messing about with my accounts.

So what you see is an apple to apple comparison from the day I switch my account to EUR from USD and put these two ‘heavy weights’ in action

Just to recap again…


Now what can I deduce from these result… Both EA fair the almost the same result on net profit with EAKain pipping Primeval by 6 bucks.

Interestingly enough… Primeval takes more pips than EAKain. So one thing I did not count on to be an apple to apple comparison is the lot size. I set both the MM on this EA to be true.

So in some ways… Primeval really out pip EAKain. Check out EURCHF on Primeval… Profit factor of 426!!! Probably because the win count outweigh the loss count.

So what does this means… I think I have to start ramping up my Primeval lot size to be in par with EAKain.

Also… it plays a big part in boosting my rebate… :)

A year ago… Primeval was selling at $375… now it is selling for $600 a pop… Ouch!!

As for EAKain… now the story here is pretty interesting. EAKain used to sold by a very close site to mine… Close as in the domain name. My site is while his site is

Now if you visit his site… this is what you get…


However… EA Kain is still being sold via Plimus. And I stumble upon this…


EAKain is actually selling for $579 a pop…

Now the latest version of EAKain from BestEAForex site is 1.04 and the version stated here is 1.05. Interestingly enough there is no detail about performances or about the developer. However… since this is being hosted by Plimus, I would think that the original guy who did EAKain is the one responsible for this…

If not too bad for him… someone actually took this brand away from him.

Now EAKain is a bit questionable… one can read via my blog to know what went on with my encounter with EAKain. But it works and it contributes to my account balance and forex rebate account.

And together… Primeval and Kain continue to create wonders…. For me that is…


Primeval EA

An EA I personally use together with EAKain and EABoss on my Alpari UK account.

While the latest release is 2.2 which will only be leased under an account management model.

Primeval 2.1 is being sold via his site. How better is 2.2 with 2.1 one can not say as there is no comparison being made between both these version on a same period of time and same platform.

As for me I have no complains…

Price: $600
Deal: Purchase via the link below and get two bonuses from me.

Visit the site here

Once purchase is done via this link, please send your purchase confirmation order to casey.lim(at) Once the purchase is verified the bonus will be sent to you electronically via the same email address which the purchase was made.

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