Old is Gold

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 16-02-2011

Looking for the best forex ea?

Sometimes we don’t really have to look so hard. If you are like me who has tons of EA in an old disk drive, it’s probably a good idea to relook into that folder and see if one have missed out anything.

And being somewhat a conservative person that I sometimes am, it’s probably a good idea to relook revisit old EA and see if it is still valid.

And it’s no surprise that I continue to revisit FAPTurbo and it’s clowns… I mean clones.

Sometime at the end of November, I put these EA into demo… Who’s the boss on FAP Expert?

It was more of an apple to apple comparison to see which were the better EA amongst them. I mean since EABoss and REMExpert were riding on FAPTurbo’s codes, one of them have to be better than the other… Right?

So… let’s have a look shall we? (Note: As of today I have stopped all three of these demo account)

No guess here who came out first….


Now… if you notice… EA Boss and FAPTurbo have a closer similarity curve then REMExpert. Having said that… I notice that some trades between these three EA were the same.

I mean what do you expect… the base of the codes were the same. The changes between each other… errrr…. Don’t know… but they are a bit different.

So… obviously… the next thing to do is put EABoss on live… which I kind of did that about a month ago…

Don’t have to search far and wide for the best EA… As long as it is profitable… and currently it is… just use it.

Of course till some $hit happens… I’ll cross the bridge when I get there….

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