Monthly Update ~ Jan 2011

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Here is the first month of the year monthly update report. Different presentation a bit seeing how now I am trying to represent different currency account.

You can stare and glare at it but I doubt it’s will be interesting…

Overall in January… I manage to hit my target… Ok… more or less. Just short of 0.26% of 10% per month

While I would say that it is ‘so far so good’… at this time of posting… since Feb 11 my target seems to be a far reach…  The bloody bunny is not jumping as far as I would hope for.

Anyway…. Let’s go into more detail on my January target…

You can see detail on my Live Account page.

As you can see, my Alpari and GoMarket account seems to be doing really well. Scalping EA seems to continue its trend of doing well.

Without a doubt… I think any scalping EA will yield profit over the past few months. On my Alpari, EAKain, Primeval, and recently I included EABoss have yield me a good return and my rebate increase my return by 1% plus.

As for my GoMarket, CloveriX, TTE and I recently did something very exciting… I included FxPitbull trading at 0.01 lot. That was the only way I know how I can try to achieve my target of recouping my losses.

Now I am pretty dissapointed with my FXOpen account. While lovely Megan continues to stride around 5%-6% lovely Cheryl seems to be a bit disappointing. Hence pulling down my overall return, the price I pay for experimenting a new approach. So sad… might need to do something about this.

Instaforex… I have yet to write and display this account. This is because it seems to be very interesting on how I wanted to interprets this account. You see, this was an extension of my FXOpen Royal Rumble account where I wanted to see if higher rebate would yield a better return. And the result above does not confirm this…. why? Because there was a bonus of $100 bucks which I took from Instaforex and toyed with the bonus.

Anyway… as long as my account balances increases… I think I am on the right track.

So far so good… one month down another 11 more to go. Keeping the faith

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