Forex Exhibitionism

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 16-02-2011

Love it or hate it… I read in some interesting article somewhere in the internet universe that people just love to see what other people are doing and they will subsequently laugh, cry and get all emotional up with you.

And because of that, some people just love to show off their.. *ahem* or should I say expose themselves. Then again… there is an exhibitionist is all of us.

Do you have a facebook account? Do you have MySpace account? Do you have a Twitter account?

If you answer yes to any of that questions… than the chances are that you are an exhibitionist.

By the way… two cool articles to read

However… if you have a myfxbook account… then chances are that you are a forex exhibitionist…

“Casey, what is all this rambling about?” you might ask…

Well… a friend of mine saw my blog and said to me… “Why the hell are you posting your account online?!” “Why are you showing how much money you have?!” “Don’t you know if people find out they might want to rob you?!”

I just replied… “I don’t know… I guess I just like showing people what I got…”

Showing people what I got?! Hmmm…. what is wrong with me? Why should I say my account summary with the world? I mean… it not like my account is a big sausage? What I am showing here are but small enchiladas…

I don’t think it will cause harm… will it?

The only thing that it does by displaying my account summary is that it makes me feel is good… Good to be the only one out there who is showing my stuff… It does not matter if I have a big sausage or a small enchilada… It feels good… GOOD!!! Yeah baby!!!

Yeah… so I am an exhibitionist…  And here are more of my forex exhibitionism…

See if it turns you ON…

My live Alpari UK account using Trade Analyzer (Last three months data)



Interesting eh…

I’ll talk about this later… for now… I just want to slip into something more… erm… comfortable….

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