This Be Thy Leprechaun?

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I have never really talk about this in particular EA in great length but I did mention this EA here and there on my blog.

CloveriX EA

I think the developer of this EA is Irish…

Previously when he release this EA… Oh… this EA have been around for a while it’s just that the developer choose to discontinue the sales of this EA during the hype of EA industry….

As I was saying… when he release his EA… His site was decorated in a very greenish sort of theme and the base of it all was a four leave clover. And when I think of four leave clovers I think of Ireland, I think of Guinness, I think of Murphy’s law, I think of Leprechaun, I think of Rainbow….

Anyway… CloveriX is not your kind of sexy EA where everybody talks about it and want a piece of the action. No… this EA is no $lut in the EA world. And certainly not the sort of EA where one can find a huge pot of gold…

Many people knows of it… but somehow or rather they ever talk a lot about it. Go to any forum site and CloveriX thread is just a few pages long. No deep discussion about what this EA is all about. Most people think it’s a myth or scam or nothing more than a two cent EA.

On top of that, the developer seems to keep a low profile so much like a Leprechaun. People heard of it and just dismiss it as a myth. As quickly as it was launched it was quickly taken down.

I think the developer did a good move. Take it down when the hype was at it’s peak and recently putting it back for sale again when the market is pretty matured and settled.

While this is not a huge pot of gold… I believe it is a pot of gold where this could be an EA which you might want to think about having as part of your EA portfolio.

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Prime vs Kain (A year later)

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I don’t know if it’s a coincidences… probably it is…

About a year ago I posted this article Prime vs Kain Of course at that time, it was still ‘too early to say’

Yesterday I just exhibited my Primeval and EAKain (ScalperPro) for the world to see… Ok only 3 months worth of data for the world to see. Could have shown more but I think it was three months ago that I started messing about with my accounts.

So what you see is an apple to apple comparison from the day I switch my account to EUR from USD and put these two ‘heavy weights’ in action

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Forex Exhibitionism

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Love it or hate it… I read in some interesting article somewhere in the internet universe that people just love to see what other people are doing and they will subsequently laugh, cry and get all emotional up with you.

And because of that, some people just love to show off their.. *ahem* or should I say expose themselves. Then again… there is an exhibitionist is all of us.

Do you have a facebook account? Do you have MySpace account? Do you have a Twitter account?

If you answer yes to any of that questions… than the chances are that you are an exhibitionist.

By the way… two cool articles to read

However… if you have a myfxbook account… then chances are that you are a forex exhibitionist…

“Casey, what is all this rambling about?” you might ask…

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Old is Gold

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Looking for the best forex ea?

Sometimes we don’t really have to look so hard. If you are like me who has tons of EA in an old disk drive, it’s probably a good idea to relook into that folder and see if one have missed out anything.

And being somewhat a conservative person that I sometimes am, it’s probably a good idea to relook revisit old EA and see if it is still valid.

And it’s no surprise that I continue to revisit FAPTurbo and it’s clowns… I mean clones.

Sometime at the end of November, I put these EA into demo… Who’s the boss on FAP Expert?

It was more of an apple to apple comparison to see which were the better EA amongst them. I mean since EABoss and REMExpert were riding on FAPTurbo’s codes, one of them have to be better than the other… Right?

So… let’s have a look shall we? (Note: As of today I have stopped all three of these demo account)

No guess here who came out first….


Now… if you notice… EA Boss and FAPTurbo have a closer similarity curve then REMExpert. Having said that… I notice that some trades between these three EA were the same.

I mean what do you expect… the base of the codes were the same. The changes between each other… errrr…. Don’t know… but they are a bit different.

So… obviously… the next thing to do is put EABoss on live… which I kind of did that about a month ago…

Don’t have to search far and wide for the best EA… As long as it is profitable… and currently it is… just use it.

Of course till some $hit happens… I’ll cross the bridge when I get there….

Monthly Update ~ Jan 2011

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Here is the first month of the year monthly update report. Different presentation a bit seeing how now I am trying to represent different currency account.

You can stare and glare at it but I doubt it’s will be interesting…

Overall in January… I manage to hit my target… Ok… more or less. Just short of 0.26% of 10% per month

While I would say that it is ‘so far so good’… at this time of posting… since Feb 11 my target seems to be a far reach…  The bloody bunny is not jumping as far as I would hope for.

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What’s Up Doc

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Every year I celebrate two New Year… One is the English New Year which falls on the 1st day of the 1st month of the new year base on the Roman/English calendar… While the Chinese New Year other is the 1st day of the 1st month of the new year base on the Chinese calendar…

Both these dates are very important to me… While one is the time where we reflect what we did the year before and seek a resolve or objective to achieve in the new year, the other however is very significant to the Chinese because it’s all about money and about trying to bring luck into their lives and accumulate good fortune during that year…

There will be a lot of culture or tradition to follow… things that needs to be done to welcome the god of fortune… And one of the aspect that gives every single Chinese a reason to gamble to ‘test’ their fortune.

I am no exception to this celebratory tradition. I find it an excuse to gamble… for the fun of it… Yes… these is such thing as gambling for the fun of it.

However… this year is particularly an exciting year for me… Why?

Because it is MY YEAR!

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