My 2010 Performances

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This is something I have yet to publish on my blog. If you see my last entry under this category ‘Performance‘, my last performances update was as of August 2010.

After that… I have not publish my updated account for the world to laugh and cry (to those who sympathize with me) on my result

With that allow me to present to you either my comedy account or my drama account.

Ok… this is a combination of my zig zag accounts. It was on the month of October when I was looking to move all my funds from a USD account to a EUR account that I took a stupid… and I really mean A Stupid Hit.

It was one of those moment when I was looking to close my position that I mess around with the settings and then boom… A silly silly move…

I did not know what I was thinking about when I put an new EA live by accident. I can’t remember which EA and I hope I do not remember which EA it was. (I guess now one knows why I posted this article ‘Stacking It Up‘) Anyway… It was stupid… really stupid because I did not even put it on demo…

If that hit did not take place my net profit for 2010 would have been around 4%

And at least 4% was better than my annual Fixed deposit account.

Looking at over the months, the ding-dong was not all that bad… even with those sort of red negative results… I was still able to maintain a better than FD results. So I think there should not be much complain for me there… only the stupid hit which I took.

Now here is the kicker… My forex rebate was like… Gawd dang!!! 6% return on my turnover account for Alpari.. Now is anyone going to say that forex rebate does not give you an edge in ones net profit?! As long as I can trade and maintain a good turnover and maintain my equity without losing much… I can recoup my return from my forex rebate…

Gawg dang!!! I LOVE CashBackForex!!!

*MOPING* If I did not take that stupid hit… I would have made a 10% return on my account


Sighhh…. Let’s moves on… Shall we…

Now this is one successful account. What you see here was a combination of two separate FXOpen account. One was my Lovely Megan account while the other was my Royal Rumble

I am not going to say anything about Lovely Megan… I have already glorified this on my previous post and on every opportunity that I got.

Now what actually drag down my gross profit was my royal rumble account. I wanted to see if my forex rebate strategy will work on FXOpen account because they were giving better rebate than Alpari.

Interestingly… this was my monthly result

My net result was 14.04% return (146.94 – 87.68)/421.95 = 0.14044

Again this is a clear indication that Forex Rebate does give me a good edge when I apply all my scalping strategy on FXOpen.

As I was moving my Alpari account I thought I would test this strategy on Instaforex because that broker is offering a much better rebate.

Hence, in October, I stopped this account and move the same activity and strategy to Instaforex.

So looking at the total figure of my Megan and Rumble on FXOpen… 65% on my total FXOPEN account is consider a great success for me. 65/12 = 5.4% per month which is more or less my target resolution for 2010.

It’s interesting to note that it is my smallest account is the one that is performing the best…

Anyway… now comes my most heart ache account… I don’t really want to write about it. But… it must be taken into account

Ok… I really do not have write too much about this. I have already documented this account on this post here…. ‘In Denial For Too Long

So I shall leave this very painful experiences behind me.


Trading with an Edge

I can not leave this part  out because it does effect my bottom line… So… here is goes

Sometime in April or May. I mooted the idea that CashBackForex if applied properly will give us some edge in our quest to a profitable forex trading activity.

After one year of putting this idea to the the test… I guess my results shows that. Apart from my miss adventure with my GoMarket account. Both my Alpari and FXOpen does show an indication that there might be way to continued profits with our daily trading activity.

Agreed… these sort of figure can not be verified and I don’t think there is an investor’s password for me to forward to anyone who wants to verify this figures.

But hey… you can always try it for yourself. It does not hurt… It just needs some effort to register a CashBackForex account and register your broker with CashBackForex.


There you have it… My Performances in 2010. I do hope that my 2011 will show a better improvement from previous year.

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