Dawn of Another New Year

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 03-01-2011

Well… it’s 2011. My Forex EA escapade is back to normal.

Took me quite some time to think about it but I finally decided on my new years resolution for this site and my forex activity. But before that I need to review my last years resolution.

2010’s resolution was relatively simple… http://bestforexea.com/2009/12/looking-forward/

Looking ahead…

1) Achieve a modest 5% per month return on my forex ea portfolio. (60% return per annum is considered a great return)
2) Complete my secret projects… (hehe… two secret projects which I hope to reveal it in a few months)
3) Build my forex EA (something which I have wanted to do but have been dragging my butt to do this)
4) Finally, to improve my writing skills.  (My en-grish is not exactly that great)

Ok… I manage to achieve 60% of item 1, completely busted item 2, 50-50 on item 3 and screw up on item 4.

Hey… not bad… then again… I rarely achieve any of my past resolutions. So to move at least a single step is considered moving forward.

So… what am I going to move forward to this year? Hopefully, I will be able to take an even bigger step forward.

This is what I have planned…

1) To achieve 100% return on my Lovely Megan account so roughly around 8.3333% per month…
2) To rebuild my own EA this time with perfect exit strategy
3) To recoup 30% of my GoMarket account
4) To recoup 100% of my Alpari account
5) To increase my ‘Forex Rebate Report’ Subscription

I think that should be enough for this years, don’t you think?

Apart from these resolutions or objectives for my forex activity, I still have my other personal resolutions and objectives. But of course these will have to take priority… Why? One might ask…

Because one of my personal resolution these year is to ‘Eat the fruits of my labor’. That is to say I want to be able to withdraw and spend my earnings…

And one of the ways that I know how is Forex EA…

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