Adapt or Die!

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Is anyone here a fan of football? Or soccer as they call it in the US of A…

Well… I for one am a fan of football and the most watch and best football league is the English Premier League. It is fast and it is very direct sort of playing style. I support two teams… One is Liverpool… (yes yes… I know) and the other well… Southampton (that is because I did my university in Southampton and have a history with them…) :)

Anyway… I am not here to write about the two teams I support… But rather… This particular guy Gerard Houlier who is a manager of Aston Villa said that “…the player must “adapt or die” when a new manager takes over.”

Sounds cocky don’t you think? When a new manager comes in… BOTH player and manager needs to adapt or die like Roy Hodgson who have just left Liverpool as manager a few days ago. This guy was not able to ‘adapt’ and so he had to ‘die’

English Football is very ruthless… For both managers and players. A manager can win trophies this season but get sacked in the next season… A player can play well in every game in one season and get relegated to the bench for the rest of next season…

I mean… Roy Hodgson was only appointed as manager for 7 months… 7 months and got sacked because he wasn’t bring in the expected results.

It’s merciless I tell you… Perform or get sacked! That’s the way of the Football world in Europe…

I can not but help thinking how this is so true in forex trading especially about my forex ea trading. The forex market is dynamic and ruthless that it will slaughter me without mercy if I can not adapt to the changes fast enough.

I believe that this is one of the draw backs of EA. An EA cannot adapt and human intervention is at times needed. It is with this notion that I at times pull the plug on an EA if it does not perform.

Think of it this way… EA are like the players in the football field. The player’s job is to get into the game and score goals like the EA it’s job is to rake in profits. And we the EA users are like the managers. We manage these EAs.

Now I am not talking about developers or manual traders. I consider them players because they only focus on one EA or system and have direct contact with the market. For people like me who toy around with EA and does not fully or directly buy or sell from the market… we are the managers.

We do not need to learn all the technical itcy-bitcy part of forex trading, I think we need to learn how to manage these EA effectively and try to score as many goals as possible. And I think this will be the key to my success with trading EAs.

Until today, I only know all the jargons of forex trading, how they are used on a chart is still on an amateur level but I have managed these some EA well enough to help me rake in some profits here and there. However having said that, I still have a lot to learn but nevertheless I am progressing and learning…

I need to adapt as fast as I can to the changes or I will die… Of course not literally… Need to continue to find a winning strategy and build on my painful lessons over the past two years…

If I am unable to control and adapt my ‘players’ in the forex market, I will be relegated into the lower leagues of losers. I can not let that happen.

How exciting…

Links to some articles about Gerard Houlier’s Adapt or Die approach

Why England are never champion I really don’t know…

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