My 2010 Performances

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This is something I have yet to publish on my blog. If you see my last entry under this category ‘Performance‘, my last performances update was as of August 2010.

After that… I have not publish my updated account for the world to laugh and cry (to those who sympathize with me) on my result

With that allow me to present to you either my comedy account or my drama account.

Ok… this is a combination of my zig zag accounts. It was on the month of October when I was looking to move all my funds from a USD account to a EUR account that I took a stupid… and I really mean A Stupid Hit.

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GPS Forex Robot

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Broker: FXOpen
Deposit: $200,000
EA: GPS Forex Robot
Price: $149 ($139 if you try to exit the page)

Suppose to emulate my micro account. Thus this demo $200,000 should represent $2,000 if I were to put it live.

Update 25 Jan 2011: Increase the lot from 0.1 to 1.0 lot on return is peanuts. Have to risk a bit more to see how well it goes… It’s a demo… so i shall crank up the juice a bit


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Stacking It Up

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One of the things I do as an EA trader is to build my EA portfolio… It is not an uncommon thing to do. In fact, it is the most logical thing to do.

Logically speaking, when we put a few different type of EA on an account, what we are doing is ‘diversifying’ our risk on an EA or not depending on only one EA to assist us in our trading quest. One EA might take a losing trade while the other EA might take a winning trade… At the end of it all, the sum of all the trade must equal to profits. That is the idea behind building our EA portfolio.

If the sum of all trades does not yield us profits… then we tweak our portfolio by finding good EAs and removing the lousy ones.

Anyway… that was what I have been doing all this while… Building my EA portfolio… and it is not an easy task. It took me time and patience and of course with a bit of help from the forum communities and of course pen pals which I have accumulated over these two years.

Ideas were implemented and discarded. EAs were tested, added and remove.

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Divide and Conquer

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 20-01-2011

Over the past few weeks, I have been staring down at my last years performances of Lovely Megan…

Ahh…. such a beautiful sight don’t you think? Sexy… wonderful… gorgeous …

But like any hot blooded man… I just can not settle for only one…

This one Lovely Megan was a wonderful ride over the past year… apart from the two bumps over October and December 2010.

It was a lovely ride that just makes me want to wish for more…

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SWVPS Your Forex VPS

Filed Under (Deals & Store) by Casey on 14-01-2011

This is one of the cheapest forex VPS around. Loaded with memory, something which is required if you have a lot of MT4 platform running all at once and you want fastest performances out of your MT4

I have two VPS with them. One for my live account and the other for my demo account.

$18 per month and you get 700MB and 250MB bandwidth. It is more than enough to feast your forex demo appetite.

However, if you subscribe to a yearly of $180. They double your memory.

$180 per year to get 1400MB worth of memory that is almost 20 MT4 running simultaneously!

But then again, extra memory means extra fast. Forex is about fast execution. Don’t you think it is worth it?

Price: $18 ~ $59 per month (depending on requirement)

Visit the site here

Not What it Seems Apparently…

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Guide to Getting Rich with Forex Robot

There is this new deal here that popped up on the market a few weeks ago by Rob Casey the guy who did ‘Fap Turbo Expert Guide’

Now I wasn’t too fond of that guide because to me it was an expert guide on a particular EA for dummies. But at that time, FAPTurbo was the tipping point in marketing Forex EA to the masses which churns out FAPTurbo wannabes by selling other peoples codes. And being a hot product that it was… This FAPTurbo Expert Guide was born…

Anyway… at that time, there were already a lot of ‘dummies’ looking to make it big with Forex EA… So FAPTurbo did what not many EA sellers did then… Sell it ala Internet Marketing style… Big words… Words that reach out to the weakness of the visitors sensors… Testis-monial of people… etc etc etc… All those ‘tricks’ that internet marketing teaches internet marketers…  Of course before FAPTurbo there were a few others… but somehow or rather FAPTurbo was the prime tipping point of it all.

Anyway back to Rob Casey… No… Not to rob ME… but the guy Rob Casey…

(I know… I know… bad joke of the day… ) Anyway…………….

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Adapt or Die!

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 10-01-2011

Is anyone here a fan of football? Or soccer as they call it in the US of A…

Well… I for one am a fan of football and the most watch and best football league is the English Premier League. It is fast and it is very direct sort of playing style. I support two teams… One is Liverpool… (yes yes… I know) and the other well… Southampton (that is because I did my university in Southampton and have a history with them…) :)

Anyway… I am not here to write about the two teams I support… But rather… This particular guy Gerard Houlier who is a manager of Aston Villa said that “…the player must “adapt or die” when a new manager takes over.”

Sounds cocky don’t you think? When a new manager comes in… BOTH player and manager needs to adapt or die like Roy Hodgson who have just left Liverpool as manager a few days ago. This guy was not able to ‘adapt’ and so he had to ‘die’

English Football is very ruthless… For both managers and players. A manager can win trophies this season but get sacked in the next season… A player can play well in every game in one season and get relegated to the bench for the rest of next season…

I mean… Roy Hodgson was only appointed as manager for 7 months… 7 months and got sacked because he wasn’t bring in the expected results.

It’s merciless I tell you… Perform or get sacked! That’s the way of the Football world in Europe…

I can not but help thinking how this is so true in forex trading especially about my forex ea trading. The forex market is dynamic and ruthless that it will slaughter me without mercy if I can not adapt to the changes fast enough.

I believe that this is one of the draw backs of EA. An EA cannot adapt and human intervention is at times needed. It is with this notion that I at times pull the plug on an EA if it does not perform.

Think of it this way… EA are like the players in the football field. The player’s job is to get into the game and score goals like the EA it’s job is to rake in profits. And we the EA users are like the managers. We manage these EAs.

Now I am not talking about developers or manual traders. I consider them players because they only focus on one EA or system and have direct contact with the market. For people like me who toy around with EA and does not fully or directly buy or sell from the market… we are the managers.

We do not need to learn all the technical itcy-bitcy part of forex trading, I think we need to learn how to manage these EA effectively and try to score as many goals as possible. And I think this will be the key to my success with trading EAs.

Until today, I only know all the jargons of forex trading, how they are used on a chart is still on an amateur level but I have managed these some EA well enough to help me rake in some profits here and there. However having said that, I still have a lot to learn but nevertheless I am progressing and learning…

I need to adapt as fast as I can to the changes or I will die… Of course not literally… Need to continue to find a winning strategy and build on my painful lessons over the past two years…

If I am unable to control and adapt my ‘players’ in the forex market, I will be relegated into the lower leagues of losers. I can not let that happen.

How exciting…

Links to some articles about Gerard Houlier’s Adapt or Die approach

Why England are never champion I really don’t know…

FX Pitbull

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Broker: Alpari
Deposit: $2000
EA: FX Pitbull
Price: $99 – $199

Deposit: $200,000
EA: FX Pitbull
Price: $99 – $199

Suppose to emulate my micro account. Thus this demo $200,000 should represent $2,000 if I were to put it live.

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Dawn of Another New Year

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 03-01-2011

Well… it’s 2011. My Forex EA escapade is back to normal.

Took me quite some time to think about it but I finally decided on my new years resolution for this site and my forex activity. But before that I need to review my last years resolution.

2010’s resolution was relatively simple…

Looking ahead…

1) Achieve a modest 5% per month return on my forex ea portfolio. (60% return per annum is considered a great return)
2) Complete my secret projects… (hehe… two secret projects which I hope to reveal it in a few months)
3) Build my forex EA (something which I have wanted to do but have been dragging my butt to do this)
4) Finally, to improve my writing skills.  (My en-grish is not exactly that great)

Ok… I manage to achieve 60% of item 1, completely busted item 2, 50-50 on item 3 and screw up on item 4.

Hey… not bad… then again… I rarely achieve any of my past resolutions. So to move at least a single step is considered moving forward.

So… what am I going to move forward to this year? Hopefully, I will be able to take an even bigger step forward.

This is what I have planned…

1) To achieve 100% return on my Lovely Megan account so roughly around 8.3333% per month…
2) To rebuild my own EA this time with perfect exit strategy
3) To recoup 30% of my GoMarket account
4) To recoup 100% of my Alpari account
5) To increase my ‘Forex Rebate Report’ Subscription

I think that should be enough for this years, don’t you think?

Apart from these resolutions or objectives for my forex activity, I still have my other personal resolutions and objectives. But of course these will have to take priority… Why? One might ask…

Because one of my personal resolution these year is to ‘Eat the fruits of my labor’. That is to say I want to be able to withdraw and spend my earnings…

And one of the ways that I know how is Forex EA…