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Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 15-12-2010

My… my… it’s been a while. So many things to do… with so little time that I have.

Anyway, I just finished my day job assignment this week. After a month of maintaining the status quo of my forex activity… I finally might have some spare time to squeeze as much forex as I can or rather squeeze as much post as I can within this given spare and free time.

Over the past few weeks I have keep jotting down what I want to do every time an idea pops out of my head… or when someone shoots me an email tell me or asking me for something… or when a new EA comes about that looks interesting.

On top of that I still need to revamp the way I want to present my live and demo account on my blog… and haven’t been paying much attention to it.  Just to give you and idea of my long list of to do things for forex and my blog…

New EA to work on: (ok some are not so new)

  1. Kangaroo EA
  2. Pipstrider
  3. Piprider (minus the in between)
  4. FX Combo

EA that I want to revisit

  1. FX Pitbull
  2. Crescendo
  3. Lovely Megan
  4. My EA in Alpari
  5. My EA in GoMarket
  6. My EA in Instaforex
  7. Euronis
  8. EA Boss

I need to update my Rebate Report with the latest information.

I want to work out interesting deals in my store.

I want to sort out this 99% backtesting model which I have been dragging my feet to do.

I want to post a few articles that I have in my mind to share.

Well… I guess these are but a few things that I need to sort out before the end of the year… if not… then I will need to sort this out next year.

Oh… and one thing that I think I will do this year which I never did in previous year is to turn off all my EA over the Christmas and New Year holiday season… No point messing about with a few pips over the holidays… :)

Anyway… see you all again soon… very very soon.

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