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Filed Under (Demo Account) by Casey on 19-12-2010

Broker: FXOpen
Currency: AUDCAD
Balance: $200,000
EA: Pipstrider
Price:$997 (one time)/$59.99 (monthly)

Suppose to emulate my micro account. Thus this demo $200,000 should represent $2,000 if I were to put it live.

All grid/martingale strategy exhibit the same equity curve no?

Anyway, Pipstrider EA is was brought to you by the same people who did Robominer. (But I think Robominer is the thing of the past)

Ok… Pipstrider is a grid EA. Meaning it takes a fix lot at different entry point and close out at a predetermine profit. However… there is no stop loss… meaning that it just let it float until a point in time where it will reach it’s intended profit.

So… it means that there is a possibility that there will be a floating draw down. Which means that this linear curve might look nice but it’s floating losses are covered up really well unless you see how many open trades it has… which means that you will have a few lingering trades with a possibility of huge losses… which means that if the open trade is going to be held for a long time swap interest might eat you profits

Which means that you might be facing a long cryogenic pain which I have seen before in my life time… which means that people might think that this is rubbish EA… which means that people might conclude that Robominer is no longer sold because of this issue… which means that it is the same as Don Stine-what ca ma call his name EA…

Which means that this is an interesting EA for me… which means that I might want to trade this EA since I already have a martingale cum grid account that I want to add more steroid to boost my profitability…

But then again… This is a grid EA… Like Forex Crescendo which also is a grid EA… Pipstrider also exhibit these sort of small returns on the bases of trading nano lots.

Sure… it’s a fix lot grid strategy system. Still I can’t help it if my fear for drawdown is there. What they call it? Drawidownophobia…

Hmmm…. Frankly speaking I do not have much experiences with grid strategy EA… I mean apart from Don KeyKong’s EA… (Don Steinitz) Not much real experiences…

Maybe I need to boost the lot size a weeeeeeeee bit…. Or add different currency. But they only recommend AUDCAD and AUDNZD… But GBPUSD is also recommended.

For $60 bucks per month… You need at least 20k account in order to justify that sort of cost…

Anyway… we shall continue to see. I’ll probably add GBPUSD and increase it to 0.2 nano lots each pair…

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