Everybody is Forex Trading…

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Forex market jumps thanks to electronic revolution: BIS

Ooo.. ooo.ooo…. oooooo………..
Ooo.. ooo.ooo…. oooooo………..

Everybody is Forex Trading
Those trades were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frighting
Coz everyone feel like expert trading


Ha!! Can’t do a rendition of this song. Creative level too low… can’t find any forex terms to fit into these lyrics… :)

Read the article about how the forex industry has grown. By coincidences after reading this article, I subsequetly watch two movies¬† that I have been meaning to watch…

IP Man Part 1 and Part 2

Has anyone seen these movie? It’s great man… it’s actually a story about Bruce Lee’s mentor or teacher… About how he fu(ked the Japanese up nice and proper during World War 2… or was it World War 1?

Anyway, the above clip from part of the full video. And the fighting scene is very powerful… very powerful indeed.

Reading the article, then watching that movie plus took a good night sleep kind of boosted an interesting thought which I thought I would share on this blog.

Now… how the hell does a movie like this make me think about forex trading and relate to the article about forex growth?

First and foremost… I believe that forex trading is an art… An art which the perfecter will profit… and the flaw, blemish and the broken will lose.

In the forex industry… the Bruce Lee of forex trading will make money… and the back ground actors will only make some or little money.

Over the years… forex trading did not evolve only the method which we use to trade did. And by that article, it was the internet that allowed electronic trading from home, plus the ability to have a robot or expert adviser to trade for you.

However… after two years of diddling with EA, I come to realize that EA are just ‘weapons’ or object to assist us in trading. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s like a martial artist using a stick, sword, nunchucks, etc etc

The idea is to have an added advantage to beat our opponent. In forex trading… it’s to beat the market and profit.

Manual traders are like a martial artist kicking a$$ with his bare hands….while EA traders are like martial artist kicking butt with a weapon.

Those EA developers are like the weapons developer… Some will fight with it… some are just producers and sell it to forex warriors who wants to take a piece of the cake.

The reason for this growth is that because retail participant thought that because they got a ‘weapon’ with them they can take a piece of the action. IE they discover forex trading robot… and thought that would be their answer to riches..

Let me just say this to them…


Seeing how these are the people who will be fighting with people like IP MAN and get slaughtered… They need all the luck they can get.

Speaking from my own experiences… That was what I thought initially when expert advisers came about… It was like the coolest thing that happened to forex trading and the thought that I can be like Bruce Lee in the forex world.

Well… I found out that I can only be LIKE him and not BE him!

I can thumb my nose and make the ‘Woooo….’ sound. But I can’t fight like him… do push up with one hand… snap my leg in the air so elegantly fast and powerful…

No… I can’t be Donnie Yuen in IP MAN and fight off 10 fu(kers in one go… But it would be so cool if I could eh? Even thought those were movies… the fact is that these great martial artist train for years to be where they are now.

Jet Li, Jacky Chan, Bruce Lee, Donnie Yuen, Sammo Hung… Oh… how can I not forget Chuck Norris… (I can feel a Chuck Norris joke coming…..)

Anyway… those are guys that trained and trained and trained for years and years… And they use their art to… well… make themselves wealthy….

It’s the same for the forex world… It will take years and years to really master this art. Some will be fast and some will be slow… some will rise and some will fall… Those that have made it really successful are but a few… Those who are dropping on the ground crying are but a plenty…

It took me almost 3 years to realize that I still got a long way to go… It shows in my account balance. But I move on… I try to learn to use these ‘weapons’ properly. Trial and error…

The path that I took… with no mentor to assist is but a long and lonely road… So if you are new… look for a mentor or a teacher or go to a seminar to learn about forex. DON’T DO THIS VIA THE INTERNET… Look for something or someone that is reliable where you can reach and learn from them directly.

Unless you have no choice… then look for one via the internet…

If you want to trade EA like me… be prepare to pay ‘tuition fee’ to the industry… If you are not prepare to lose your money… Keep it in the bank.

If you do pay your ‘tuition fee’¬† and still lost money… learn from it and move on… Don’t sulk… if you sulk and feel defeated and vent your anger on the market… you deserve to be butt kicked like the video and lose your money.

Forex trading is a journey…

Oh one more thing… Screw all these self help books and these self help mantra about asking you to dream big… Dream about buying a new Porsche… a new house… go on expensive vacation.

Fu(k!! I did that and see where it took me…

You dream when you are sleeping. Not when you are awake and trading to make money from the market…

SET GOALS that you think you can achieve…. $hit! that reminds me… I need to make list down my goals for next year… :)

Fu(k!! Now I sound like a self help guru…

Ok… back to what I wanted to say… Forex trading has no destination. If there is no destination… it means it’s going to be a long road… When traveling on a long road, you are bound to hit some potholes and bumps… Learn from it and move on…

So if you are new to trading and want to taste the slice of this forex money… Be prepared to lick your wounds… By that I mean lose some money…

To all these newbies out there… The fact is that… if you are thinking of making money in forex… You better gawd dang watch IP MAN the movie part one and two… :)

Imagine, if you are new and think you can kick forex a$$ like in the movie… Well… you can continue to imagine because in reality… you are going to be the poor Japs lying on the floor screaming in agony… that is if you are lucky enough to only be round house kicked and not getting your arms and legs broken…


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