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Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 03-11-2010

Hi all… How are things?

Well… it’s been a busy busy month for me. Having it been the final quarter of the year. Important quarter that is.

In all organization if not most of them, the 4th quarter is always the most important time of the period. It is a time when they sit down and plan for the next year. Objectives, action plan, blah blah blah… and all that management thing-a-ma-jig.

Actually that is also what I have been doing for my organization (day job). It stuck me that I too needed to do this for my forex activity. I need to sit down and start planning for my next years objective, action plan, blah blah blah and all that management type.

Ok… not as extensive as what I would do for my organization, but nevertheless some principle was applied.

Yes… I did say WAS applied.

Last quarter was not all that great… but it seems that every year the 3rd quarter is always the same. I am of course talking about my forex activity. So this quarter I will be working and planning for 2011.

Continue to reflect and apply. Also I plan to revamp the way I present stuff on my blog…

So until then… when you do see the changes… That means I am working on my blog… of course it will reflect what I have been up too in forex…

Catch you all soon.

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