Who’s the Boss on FAP Expert?

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Update: 14 February 2011
Stopped all three demo



Broker: Alpari
Deposit: $2000
EA: EABoss, FAPTurbo, RemExpert

They say recently scalping EA seems to be doing well… The market is not as volatile as it use to be a few months ago. Either that, or people are just dumping scalping EA that promises retirement in a years time.

However, about a month ago, I had a sudden itch to just scratch an old itch. I do not think I have ever compared these three EA before. FAPTurbo, RemExpert and EA Boss.

If you have read my blog, I have written in great length about these three EA. EABoss and RemExpert are suppose to be a clone of FAPTurbo, and some say works better than FAPTurbo.

So… I just thought it would be fun to put these three in demo. All three of them started on the 1 September 2010 trading at 0.1 lot on four currency pair with a initial deposit of $2000.

It has already been two months and they seem to be performing well…

So… let’s continue to stare and see who will win the race.

Hey… it’s better than watching paint dry…. For me that is…

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