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Broker: FXOpen
Deposit: $200,000
EA: Forex Crescendo
Price: $149.00

Suppose to emulate my micro account. Thus this demo $200,000 should represent $2,000 if I were to put it live.

About a month plus ago… I wrote about how Forex Crescendo was ‘A Breath Of Fresh Air

Within that post I also tried to get a free copy by leaving a sweet comment….

So sweet that I finally got it. Well, actually they forwarded a copy to me like a few weeks ago. I just drag my feet in doing this post.

I actually do owe them this post.

Anyway… one of the approach that I am using for this demo is that… I am going to simulate my real live account. Meaning if this works on the sort of setting as my real live account then the principle of it is that… It’s going onto my real live account.

One thing I did previously was that I simulated a demo in Alpari but used it in my live FXOpen account… Now that does not sound smart… it might work in Alpari but it might not work well on FXOpen.

So with Forex Crescendo… I kind of had to simulate this properly as if I was going to trade my on my real account.

Anyway… some people say Forex Crescendo is an account buster… Why? Because it uses a grid strategy… Taking small pips profit while allow the other trades to remain open.

This greatly reminded me about one of the earliest Grid EA that I have experiences… Don Steinitz’s EA. It uses a grid strategy and it takes small profits while allowing the other trades to remain open until it reaches a profitable level.  (

The differences is that… Don Steinitz allows you to trade up to 10 currency pair while Andrea Salvatore Forex Crescendo only trades 2 currency pair.

Backtesting over 10 years is not all that impressive. That is one of the reason why people say it is destine to fail. But being a Martingale or Grid fan… I can not resist the temptation. I mean… My Lovely Megan account is so far doing well for me.

I believe there is an art to playing with Martingale or Grid strategy… And with time, I believe I can master this art.

Ok… sorry to digress. Now… I have put this on an FXOpen demo account with 200,000 balance and trading it at 0.1 lot. Using the normal settings with money management off.

That is what I am planning to trade on my live account anyway… My live account is a micro account… So of course I have to simulate a balance of 200,000 kind of balance.

The return seems to be very very pathetic. I’m like getting only 4 bucks on a 0.1 lot… 4 pips… = to bloody 4 cents per trade… That is if I were to use it on my live micro account.

Oh well… lets just see how this goes. My plan is to continue with this setting till the end of the month… then try to change the settings to turn on money management just to see if it gets louder and louder and louder… :)

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