I am Defeated

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 11-10-2010

A sad day for me as I made a decision to put a hold on building my own EA.

It’s really frustrating especially for someone who is an amateur in programing. My idea was big… but my programming skills are just too puny to achieve what I wanted to achieve with my EA.

The idea that one EA to oversea the martingale robot on different currency is not as easy as I thought it would be. After busting my forth, fifth and sixth (fifth and sixth were not recorded on myfxbook) demo account, I went back to work… dissecting each code, algorithm, methodology and every line on the EA.

It took me whatever spare time I have to work on my EA… And it seems that I am getting no where with it.

I always put in my mind how Thomas Edison had to build 1000 defective bulb before he invented the first light bulb. Fu(k!!! I am only in revision 7 of my EA… Where do I have the time to see the other 993 revision?!?

Sighh… after putting much though on this I decided that I need to put this project in the KIV section. Until I either brush up on my programing skills or when for unknown reason my though itches towards this project again…

Somehow I feel so defected… it was a new year’s resolution that I did not achieve it. I have 2 more months for me to achieve this goal… but it seems that I have to give this up just before the year end…

Now… on the other hand if I were to look at it in a positive manner, I probably have achieved my resolution… :)

I said I wanted to build my own EA but I never really mentioned if it would work or not… On that angle, I have achieved my goal for 2010…

Ha!! What a way to feel good about a defeat.

Maybe in my 2011 new year’s resolution I probably need to refine the way I word my resolution… :)

I guess for now I have to fall back on other people’s EA before I can one day trade with my own EA… Forex Crescendo is still in my To Do List which needs to be ticked off.

And a few more other idea which needs to be acted upon to maintained my 5% return for 2010. I still have 2 and a half month to fulfill this resolution.

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