Unleasing My Beast

Filed Under (EA System, Journal) by Casey on 24-09-2010


I have unleash the beast to cause terror in the forex world!!


And it feels goooooodddd……….

After weeks of tweaking and testing my EA. I believe I have achieve a milestone.

While I do not yet consider it complete, it feels good when one has created something that looks as good as this…

100% IN ONE DAY!!! With another 10% positive equity to spare!!

Gawd dang!!!

Is this a fluke?! Well… I hope not. But then again it probably is.

The thing is I believe I have perfected the core principle of the algorithm of this EA. Meaning to say… I have manage to write a program which improves the idea and principle behind my previous failed beta tests.

Did I improved it tremendously? I do not think so… One things for sure. This demo allows me to see if this EA swings as hard as my previous experiences with this EA predecessor.. Crashed & Burned

As always… time will tell.

At least I have started a new chapter in my quests… the next step for me is to start thinking of how to program it in such a way that it will manage and control this beast on a few more currency pair…

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