Monthly Update ~ July 10 & Aug 10

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Well… I owe this blog two months of update. So here it goes…

While my FXOpen account continue to hold my Alpari account seems to be doing a see saw on me. That was due to PipMiner. I gave Pipminer another chances to shine on my account and it did… but it also took a big swipe on my account once again.

And with a big swish-swish… I gave back what I took back in January.

On an ever high note… It seems that my monthly dividend is still making me some good return.

Now, let’s take a good detail look at what happened on all my accounts. (01 July 2010 – 31 Aug 2010)

Let’s start with Alpari…

Clearly I should have removed Primeval from my account seeing how it is dragging my profits down. But I needed to test the full brute of Primeval for a couple of months before I can truly say Primeval is lousy.

ScalperPro aka MegaDroid aka EAKain seems to be doing alright. I am actually pitting ScalperPro and Primeval together.

Now as for EURONIS… I have recently removed this EA…. And the reason… well… as usual there were some emotion involve with the reason I removed it. Buuuttt….. I’ll probably talk about in the next post.

As I mentioned… I removed PipMiner… even though at the end of two months I seem to be in profit… But the swing is just too big for my liking. The problem with PipMiner is that it takes 4 trades one shot… it would be nice if I edit the settings to only take one trade at a time… but because of the algorithm of this EA. It can not be done. So… while the profit rises… so does the drawdown.

As for CloverX and DTF (which is an exotic EA) it’s doing fine by my books.

Well… what can I say about Lancelot… It’s just too slow and the drawdown is just crazy… in 2 months it only took 8 trades. Small profits huge draw downs. Not so sexy.

As I look at all these detail trades… I can’t help but believe that the information between my trade analyzer and my spreadsheet have some discrepancy…

With so much tinkering… I believe I might have left out some information. Sigghhh…. How does one make a decision if the information is not consistent? Well… I guess I have to start doing some house cleaning on my Alpari account.

Ok… leave that for later in the week.

Now let’s check out my FXOpen account. Erm… well… there is nothing much to say actually… I have close my Royal Rumble account due to my crashed & burned experiences and before that I took off all my scalping EA on that account because it is just shitty on FXOpen account.

The only one comment is that Lovely Megan continue to move it’s booty upwards *fingers crossed*

Now that account have been generating a lot of interest and inquiries. All the information about this account have been clearly documented on this blog… as usual (without faulting anyone) most tend to go for the fastest way to gain information which is to email me.

If I haven’t reply your email, my most sincerest apologies. I’m just trying to get my priority right.

Anyway… let me bask in the glory of my Lovely Megan… :)

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