A Breath of Fresh Air

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After so long… I finally see something in the forex ea industry that I have never or rarely seen.

LIVE STATEMENTS from the developer. And I do not mean live DEMO statement… I mean live REAL statements… Own money to prove to the world sort of statements…

There are a lot of EA being churned out every other month… And I just could not be bothered about new releases because of the bad stigma and revelation that I myself have discovered. And mostly because most of these developers are ‘fly by night’ with little or no prove to show end users like you and me…

So because of all this BS… I kind of spend the rest of my time and focus on achieving my 2010 goal which is to build my own EA.

Having said that… I am still toying around with other peoples EA that makes sense to me.  But… not new ones…

Now let me get to the point here. Forex Crescendo.

Yes… I do not know why and how I stumble upon or even the real question as to why I clicked on the link to this site… But somehow… after visiting their site… this particular EA caught my interest. And the one very simple reason it caught my eyes was…

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Unleasing My Beast

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I have unleash the beast to cause terror in the forex world!!


And it feels goooooodddd……….

After weeks of tweaking and testing my EA. I believe I have achieve a milestone.

While I do not yet consider it complete, it feels good when one has created something that looks as good as this…

100% IN ONE DAY!!! With another 10% positive equity to spare!!

Gawd dang!!!

Is this a fluke?! Well… I hope not. But then again it probably is.

The thing is I believe I have perfected the core principle of the algorithm of this EA. Meaning to say… I have manage to write a program which improves the idea and principle behind my previous failed beta tests.

Did I improved it tremendously? I do not think so… One things for sure. This demo allows me to see if this EA swings as hard as my previous experiences with this EA predecessor.. Crashed & Burned

As always… time will tell.

At least I have started a new chapter in my quests… the next step for me is to start thinking of how to program it in such a way that it will manage and control this beast on a few more currency pair…

Deal: CashBackForex

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Well… I have been putting some thoughts with regards to promoting CashBackForex this for a long while. Never got around to act on it but I guess… it is always better late than never.

It started with my report about forex rebate (Rebate Report). I have written that forex rebate does give or offer an edge to our daily trading activity especially with automatic trading. I have also shown that by using a particular trading strategy, it would help improve ones net profit in trading.

Even my monthly update has shown how it does help with my bottom line.

Now I would be lying if I were to say that the total rebate amount shown on my monthly update was due to my trading activity.  But I will not lie here…

Only 80% (give or take) of the total rebate amount is due to my trading activity while 20% was due to affiliate rebate.

However, in my rebate report I have clearly shown in detail my individual account, and when I uses a scalping strategy… I would yield some interesting results. All these results are on my live account. No fancy-pants glorified figure in that report. One can actually do some due diligence against myfxbook records. (If one wishes to do so)

Anyway… recently while I was getting into the habit of reading and replying all my emails which I have like accumulated over the past few weeks… I got the feeling that many of them who wrote to me are still new.

I am very surprised. I would have assume that with the age of the internet… they would probably be well verse with automatic forex trading and what has been or is happening in the world of automatic forex trading.

Either I overestimated the huge global internet users or I underestimated the forex automatic industry.

So… in order to offer my visitors some insight and head start (that is if you are new)… do download my rebate report here. It will give you some understanding of what I am talking about with regards to forex rebates and how these rebates does offer some kind of edge in your trading activity.

Then once you have some understanding… Sign up for an account with CashBackForex using this affiliate link here: http://www.cashbackforex.com/?aid=2487. Subsequently register a broker account with CashBackForex…

Shoot me an email with your CashBackForex ID number for my confirmation and I will forward to you 3 (three) scalping EA. Yes… 3 scalping EA that will allow you to start making some money… not gazillion dollars but… if one is modest and humble… it will be better than your average mutual fund or fix deposit account.

‘What or Which EA that I will be forwarding?’ One might wonder….

Well… I can’t publicly say… but it will be the 3 EA that I am currently using on my Live account and those are the profitable EA scalper that I am using.

I guess one needs to put one and one and one together base on my live account page… :)

Without leaving the other more season forex newbies… who understand about forex rebates but have not sign up with CashBackForex… Sign up… Register a broker and shoot me an email with your ID number and I will forward the 3 scalping EA to you…

Debunking a Forex EA Myth

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By the way... Kari Bryon from MythBuster is HOT!!

Well… I have known this all along but never really dedicated my thoughts into this until today. I want to share on this blog how using automatic forex robot, forex expert advisor, forex ea, forex blah blah blah… does not totally ELIMINATE emotion in your forex trading!!

A lot of sites or rather sales sites says that trading with an automatic forex robot removes emotion in your trading. Well… that is partially true. One does not have to directly trade the market or hesitate to pull the buy or sell trigger when the signal is right. Hmmm… I think I have written about this before… but what the heck… does not hurt to remind myself again…

Anyway… there is still an emotion that has to be dealt with which is before setting the forex ea to work and after setting the forex ea to work.

Before we set the ea to work… what are the emotions involve. Well… both greed and fear still takes place. That is when we decide how many lots or how much % of risk the robot would trade, or even if we want to decide if we are going to use the owner’s default settings.

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Monthly Update ~ July 10 & Aug 10

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Well… I owe this blog two months of update. So here it goes…

While my FXOpen account continue to hold my Alpari account seems to be doing a see saw on me. That was due to PipMiner. I gave Pipminer another chances to shine on my account and it did… but it also took a big swipe on my account once again.

And with a big swish-swish… I gave back what I took back in January.

On an ever high note… It seems that my monthly dividend is still making me some good return.

Now, let’s take a good detail look at what happened on all my accounts. (01 July 2010 – 31 Aug 2010)

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Crashed & Burned

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A few days after testing my new ride… I have to say that I crashed and burned myself really bad.


I should have known better than to dive into a live account with my beta EA without thoroughly testing it. Why did I do it concurrently? Now that is a question I am here today sitting down and pondering upon my foolishness.

Well… I have kind of admitted that it was foolish of me to put my EA live too fast and too furiously.

I must say it was really exciting. After hours of re-coding the EA with every single spare time that I have in between my daily affairs… I finally have what I believe to be a good piece of work. Only to be over confident with it.

I should have tested this EA out like any other EA that I have tested and scrutinized. Unfortunately I was too attached emotionally to this EA.

Serves me right and my FXOpen account just proves it.

As you can see… I reached a adrenaline rush of 53k cent (it is a micro account) only to have a very bad hangover with 35k cent. This monkey was really swing very hard and out of control.

Well… it is too hard for my liking. So I decided to go back to the drawing board.

Another thing was that I whack this monkey with 4 currency pair. Sigghhh…. just too fast too soon.

So now… I need to re-code this to add a few more safety measure.

A few things to note though… Somehow this EA works very unpredictably in FXOpen. On my Alpari account, (demo) it works differently it did not take as many trades as it did with my FXOpen live account. Again this is not a clear apple to apple comparison.

So many things that I have left out. My bad… I did not plan and test it out properly.

Ahh…. beta testing… A new found experiences.

Ok… back to square one.

Before I go… I just want to share a screenshot of my FXOpen account.

It was shooting trades like no bodies business… Now… how did I come about with such high equity with these small trades?

Well… I was using a Martingale strategy… as my number of trades increased… my take profit level reduces… just to catch the same profit level.

Talk about mini martingale scalping if you know what I mean…

Now… that is an interesting idea to dive into soon… mini martingale scalping with on asian hour…. :)

Buuuuttttttttt………. I think not. That was not the original idea I had in mind for this EA. Like another forex mantra to follow. Have a plan and stick to the plan…