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Since now I have some free time, I owe Cacus a detail post about his rip-off EA.

I have to admit that I had to take a bit more time to really study this topic. It was a few months ago that I kind of stop these sort of ‘detective’ work. While it was good for my blog it was not so for my live account.

It was one or the other. Talking about scamming EA really boosted my traffic to the site. It was good and exciting to see an instant traffic surge to my site. And of course to keep up with the traffic expectation, I continue to dive into my ‘detective’ work only to find out that the my live account wasn’t as exciting as it should be.

So, I took a decision to stop or maybe cut down on these sort of work and focus on EA that makes sense to me rather than ranting about EA that is full of $hit. I must say… that was a decision I am glad that I made. Too much effort needs to be taken to do some research… and I though I would rather use these effort to improve my account balance.

Anyway… the industry seem to be able to regulate themselves with regards to rip-off EA. So why bother…

However… as a favor to Cacus who supports my site, I though the least I could do is put some effort in finding out the truth in all this.

So here is what I found….

Forex Legend offers two EA one is a scalper while the other is a trend EA.

Let’s us take a look at the legend trending EA, which is a rip off of cacus Maccimo EA that is free.


Now… I guess there is no need for any explanation here.

While the other EA, it took me quite some time to really put my hands on which EA he cloned, initially when I saw this codes, I thought could it be FAPTurbo?!

Well, anyone actually just copy a code from FAPTurbo to create an auto GMT offset.

This are but on of the ways to do that. (Lazy ba$tarad!) But this EA will then be tied to FAPTurbo, if ever FAPTurbo does changes their code and remove the gmt.php files. Then I guess you can consider this EA USELESS.

I know that there are a few ways of creating an auto GMT offset. So it’s either this guy is a beginner in programing or he/she is gawd damn lazy to write his/her own codes. I believe it is both.

After looking at the whole code, I can’t help but feel that it is one of those EA that I have actually looked at before but I just can’t put my fingers on it…

and I have to admit… this person really threw me off a bit, thinking that it was really fancy when I first saw his dll files.

Phew… must look like he did it all on his own… ma_dist_open… la la la…

I cracked my head these past few days thinking why I am so familiar with this… Then like Isaac Newton who got his head bumped by an apple… EUREKA!!!

This a$$hole took the codes from the Mega Dweebs… I mean Mega Droids.

Now let me show you what I mean…

Look at it carefully… in Forex Legend, he voided the Activate subroutine… and if you count the number of variables sent… it’s the same number of variables sent to MegaDroid.dll under S1_Buy, S1_Sell, S2_Buy and S2_Sell.

Thought no one could catch it eh?!… Karrakk putooi!!! Whose your daddy?! Whhooosseee your daddy?!?

But before I start doing the MC Hammer victory dance… I had to continue to dig in deeper to see if it was a whole all out copy like the Trending EA…

Everyone knows that you can’t decompile and change or amend a dll files that already exist. But you can however patch the file…

Which good programmer you know patches a dll file directly in the MQ4 files. You tell me…

Similar to EAKAIN… who has used MegaDroid as a backbone to build their EA, Forex Legend has also used MegaDroid as it’s backbone to build their EA.

Before I start saying that it is a direct rip off… I continue to read the codes and realize that some of the algorithm has been modified co-relating to MegaDroids dll files.

This is MegaDroid’s algorithm which returns a value back to the dll file

While this is Forex Legend’s algorithm that returns the same variables to it’s dll file which is suppose to be the same as MegaDroid.

Is it an improvement?! Should be interested to find out…

So here is my conclusion.

If you look at Forex Legend’s myfxbook page (Here)… This person is only promoting the Trending EA which is Cacus’s EA, while the Scalping EA is just one of the 50 live account this guy is promoting.

This is a clear rip-off of a free EA. One will actually be parting $197 for a clone of MegaDroid. So, if this person does come back and say that it was an alteration of MegaDroid like how EAKain has justified when they first launch EAKain…

I would think that this person does not actually have much confidences with this improvement seeing how this person is only promoting FLTrend in doves while only one live account for FLScalper.

Ok… can’t say much more other than what I believe that, this Forex Legend person is a lazy programmer that believes in arranging or modifying a piece of code here and then justify it by selling it for $197…



dam dam dam dam.. ta dam… ta dam

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