Celebrating BestForexEA 2nd Anniversary

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Phew… it has been a grilling past few weeks. Blogging had to take a back seat as I continue to work hours on end to meet my deadline. But at long last, I manage to complete my assignment a few days ago.

But I have to say that it was pretty tiring and stressful. I guess that is one of the reason why so many people are trying to find a way out of their job. It’s not fun… but it is needed to put food on my table.

Anyway, I was looking forward to continue blogging and celebrate the 2nd anniversary of my site. It was two years ago on the 7th August 2008 that I pen down my first post on this site.

But that too had to take a back seat when I found out my site was fu(king hijacked…. Again!!

‘Don’t lose my day job’ that is what they say…

Sighh…. it was a bit tedious but it took me quite a while to clean up these malware codes which was embedded into my files.

What a way to celebrate my 2nd anniversary of my blog, eh?

I guess I shouldn’t let these sort of $hit effect me, so I will leave that ranting about being hijacked for later.

Anyway… back to my nostalgic 2nd year anniversary…

Over these past two year or so, I had learn a lot of new stuff.

As I look upon my 2nd year anniversary, I find myself thinking if my I ever came close to my 2010 new years resolution.

While I have not exactly manage to achieve my 5% per month growth (discounting my GoMarket account) I continue to realize that I have manage to establish a 1% – 2% growth thus far. It may not be what I wanted to achieve but nevertheless, I manage to out perform my local FD investment interest.

As for my second resolution to build my own EA. I have not come close to even achieving it. I however took a short cut to achieving this resolution by modifying an existing EA and testing it to see how well it works.

These were the two goals that I intended to achieve this year but it seems that I am not even close to achieving it but on the brighter side, at least I am moving forward.

2010 is not over yet and I should not even slow down in my quest to achieve these two goals. By the end of 2010, I would want to still achieve 60% return on both my Alpari and FXOpen account. And set my own modified EA live.

But… my 2nd anniversary celebration of this site is not only about forex ea but also about blogging, sharing and establishing an interesting site.

So… my goal moving towards my 3rd anniversary celebration next year. I will try to bring more good values on my site. Increase readership and hopefully along the way make new acquaintances and pen pals.

But in order to increase my readership, I guess I need to increase the profits in my account no? I mean… people just love to see nice straight curve moving up to the heavens. Showing gazillion percent in profits…

Ha! Only in my dreams. But nevertheless, I believe it is co-related. If it moves up… there are a lot of hype and bs I can post. But if it’s moving down… nothing much I can say but just ‘Siggghhhhh………………….’

Well… like how the season of Glee goes…. ‘Don’t Stop Believing’

And reach for the sky!!!

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all my visitors for your support. It is actually your visits to my site that encourages me to continue to share my experiences and of course motivate me to move forward with forex ea.

And my journey continues….

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