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I am proud to say that I have achieve my second new years resolution… which was to build my own EA.

Ok… maybe not from the ground up, I kind of cheated a bit in my quest to achieve this goal. I took another EA, tweaked with it, add some rim, add some nitrous, change the engine to a V8 and add a coat of new paint. Voila!!! A beautiful masterpiece…. which I named it aQuila.

Initially I wanted to name it Megan Fox… but thought I might be sued if this beauty proved hotter than Megan Fox.

Anyway, I also added another ‘computer system’ to monitor this lean mean beautiful machine… This EA works in parallel with aQuila to ensure my account to get fu(ked.

I have been testing the main EA for about 2 months now and tweaking it here and there was not easy…

It all started with a busted account and myfxbook chart below shows my progress.. :)

My first attempt[Note: Deleted the chart below because it is cramping myfxbook, this screenshot will be suffice for my journal record purpose]

Second attempt [Still running live]
Third attempt [Note: Deleted the chart below because it is cramping myfxbook, this screenshot will be suffice for my journal record purpose]
Fourth attempt [Still running live]

Interesting eh… this EA is base on the idea that it does continue holding positions with a draw up scenario as oppose to a draw down. This EA can be set to either use a Martingale lot size strategy or a fix lot size strategy. And due to my love affair with Martingale… it was only logical for me to test this out with Martingale lot size strategy.

In my previous post, ‘Slicing it Both Ways‘ I use the analogue of using this EA like wielding a double edge sword, either cutting into profits or cutting into losses . It took me quite a while to really study and learn how to control it… but I believe I manage to learn how to swing the sword.

The fourth attempt shows my ‘swinging’ of this EA… not bad eh… After this V3 was put to trial… I spoofed it up a bit. I was excited… I really wanted to put this baby on the road.

Hence, I put into my very small live account ‘Royal Rumble’. Now I have removed all the scalping EA on this account. Firstly… it has not be taking me anywhere. I believe scalping EA is not so friendly with FXOpen, or FXOpen is not very friendly to scalping EA.

While… the rebates were interesting. Whenever my FXOpen account shows a loss, I take it back in terms of rebate. So it seems that there is no growth there. So I decided to put this new baby on the account.

Was I a bit impatient? Well… yes I should say so.

You will notice the big dip on the chart recently… Either I was a head of myself, or my timing is absolutely horrendous. I found out that I was ahead of myself. The equity stop level was pretty big… so u can see an interesting 30% drawdown.

With that ‘Crash’, I had to go back on slow mode and cruise it a bit…

Because that account is relatively small… I tune the settings and let it continue to cruise on this account.

However… at the same time, I had to go back to the safe circuit of demo account for this baby to test the different settings available.

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