2 Fast 2 Fool-ious

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I am proud to say that I have achieve my second new years resolution… which was to build my own EA.

Ok… maybe not from the ground up, I kind of cheated a bit in my quest to achieve this goal. I took another EA, tweaked with it, add some rim, add some nitrous, change the engine to a V8 and add a coat of new paint. Voila!!! A beautiful masterpiece…. which I named it aQuila.

Initially I wanted to name it Megan Fox… but thought I might be sued if this beauty proved hotter than Megan Fox.

Anyway, I also added another ‘computer system’ to monitor this lean mean beautiful machine… This EA works in parallel with aQuila to ensure my account to get fu(ked.

I have been testing the main EA for about 2 months now and tweaking it here and there was not easy…

It all started with a busted account and myfxbook chart below shows my progress.. :)

My first attempt[Note: Deleted the chart below because it is cramping myfxbook, this screenshot will be suffice for my journal record purpose]

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The Bull is Down in the Pits!

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Demo Update

If you haven’t notice yet… My PITBULL demo is in the dumps…

Yes… that is what people would say… Martingale is dangerous. And quite rightly so… if one does not use it carefully.

There are two things I have to say there. One… and the most important point here is that I over trade. I traded 0.1 lot on a $2k account with a leverage of only 1:100. That is how I could yield a high of $3.5k  close to 50% return  over 2 months period.

Secondly, it seems that there is a bug in the codes. The EA seems to only go long rather than both ways.

I spoke to the developer and he says that something is not right because the EA should trade both ways. Looking at his myfxbook statement, he verifies it. So it’s either he forwarded the wrong EA to me which I doubt it…

Or… I might have done something to the EA. I mean… erm… (Putting myself in the corner here)

Ok… these needs to be looked at. Because I have actually put Pitbull in my lovely megan account. And it seems to exhibit the same traits.

However… in my Megan account, I am trading 0.001 (nano) lots on a 1:500 leverage and only trading 3 currency pair as per my backtesting results. While I do not think it will effect much… I still need to get to the bottom of this and restart the demo again…

Hijack! And Bit(hing About it!

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My site have been hijacked not once but twice! Some of you might have notice that a few weeks ago, when I wasn’t updating my blog, your visit would have been redirected to another site.

This site is about how your site or your computer is being infected by virus blah blah blah…

That is what it means by being hijacked. They hijack my visitors…

These hi-wankers seems to be able to embed a piece of code into my site and it is everywhere on the top of all my php files.

While it seems harmless, it is nevertheless frustrating and annoying.

The codes looks something like this…

The encrypted code is long but when one decodes, one will be able to see that this script will direct visitors accessing these php files or site to a site encrypted into the codes. Most of these sites are either anti-spam or anti-virus site. Ironic isn’t it?

I believe it is these twats that hack and hijack sites with vulnerable site security such as mine.

Once hijacked… the only thing to do next was for me to clean up the codes as soon as possible.

I had to firstly scour the internet to find a way to clean this codes up. If not I needed to clean each files up one by one! And that would mean… long, tedious, frustrating, exercise.

Luckily for me, my webhost provider gave me a script file to assist me. But it was not able to help me clean up these files  100%. Some files I had to manually clean it up myself.

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The Legend Continues…

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Since now I have some free time, I owe Cacus a detail post about his rip-off EA.

I have to admit that I had to take a bit more time to really study this topic. It was a few months ago that I kind of stop these sort of ‘detective’ work. While it was good for my blog it was not so for my live account.

It was one or the other. Talking about scamming EA really boosted my traffic to the site. It was good and exciting to see an instant traffic surge to my site. And of course to keep up with the traffic expectation, I continue to dive into my ‘detective’ work only to find out that the my live account wasn’t as exciting as it should be.

So, I took a decision to stop or maybe cut down on these sort of work and focus on EA that makes sense to me rather than ranting about EA that is full of $hit. I must say… that was a decision I am glad that I made. Too much effort needs to be taken to do some research… and I though I would rather use these effort to improve my account balance.

Anyway… the industry seem to be able to regulate themselves with regards to rip-off EA. So why bother…

However… as a favor to Cacus who supports my site, I though the least I could do is put some effort in finding out the truth in all this.

So here is what I found….

Forex Legend offers two EA one is a scalper while the other is a trend EA.

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Celebrating BestForexEA 2nd Anniversary

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Phew… it has been a grilling past few weeks. Blogging had to take a back seat as I continue to work hours on end to meet my deadline. But at long last, I manage to complete my assignment a few days ago.

But I have to say that it was pretty tiring and stressful. I guess that is one of the reason why so many people are trying to find a way out of their job. It’s not fun… but it is needed to put food on my table.

Anyway, I was looking forward to continue blogging and celebrate the 2nd anniversary of my site. It was two years ago on the 7th August 2008 that I pen down my first post on this site.

But that too had to take a back seat when I found out my site was fu(king hijacked…. Again!!

‘Don’t lose my day job’ that is what they say…

Sighh…. it was a bit tedious but it took me quite a while to clean up these malware codes which was embedded into my files.

What a way to celebrate my 2nd anniversary of my blog, eh?

I guess I shouldn’t let these sort of $hit effect me, so I will leave that ranting about being hijacked for later.

Anyway… back to my nostalgic 2nd year anniversary…

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