Monthly Update ~ June 2010

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June has been kind to me. Probably because I am happy that my Alpari account is catching up. Without further ado… I present to you my update as of June 2010

It ain’t impressive but a positive month end closing is a step forward.

I thought this time round I will let the result speaks for itself… using my Trade Analyzer, I thought it would be nice to see how each EA that I have placed on my live account fair.

Let’s start of with Lovely Megan

Lovely as ever…

My Royal Rumble

My my… FAPTurbo seems to have lead the chase against Primeval. However… it’s a shocker that Forex Shocker is doing a lot of trades but profits is also a ‘shocker’

Primeval seems to be bring me down. And looking at my overall performances between these currency pair on the EA over the last three months it seems that Primeval does not seem to be performing on FXOpen.

Well corrective action has been taken but it seems that as of this writing… It does not seem to be yielding any good results.

Now my for my Alpari account the first one being my White Knight

Lancelot seems to be doing well… Slow but well enough.. with USDCAD not even firing one trade.

Now these are some other interesting EA that I have put forward on this same account. Clover EA like Lancelot is painfully slow. It is only this exotic EA DTF and PipMiner which actually were the EA that help boosts my account for June. However… a word of caution. It is also PipMiner that pierce my account into the reds in previous months.

Let see if the new version of PipMiner will not kill me like before

Now my next Alpari account

ScalperPro… aka EAKain aka MegaDroid… Well… not so good… just barely surviving.

Now this is interesting to note Primeval seems to fair better in Alpari than in FXOpen. I guess it’s time for me to take down Primeval on my FXOpen account.

DragonPips is pathetic and needs to be removed… And it shall be removed.

My GoMarket does not seem to reflect my true statement above. And I guess some corrective action needs to be taken and rightfully so… We shall see in the coming times how I will manage this…

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