Got My Green Strips

Filed Under (Passing Thoughts) by Casey on 07-07-2010

I have to admit… While I am flattered at being noticed in myfxbook’s blog, I did not expect to be acknowledge or rather be vouched by them.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that after I wrote my previous post, I got my green strips by

My previous post was meant to glorify myself. Wouldn’t you tell people about it if your name or your face was mentioned or captured in a photo?

I mean… It’s like the camera just decided to point the camera at a position in a stadium packed with spectators and voila… my face was caught at the right place and right time. So… I start to blab about it… saying this and that and what not…

One thing that I forgotten was that when one person link directly to a blog posts, it creates a trackback to the posts… The guys caught my comment and subsequently offered to put me in their vouching system.

Again, while flattered… I can not but feel embarrass. It was like I was trying really hard to impress them to give me something that most of the members there earned.

Those who earned their strips are those members who continuously contribute to their community forum. For me, it was just a post here and there and nothing very substantial which would help speed up ones learning curve by listening me.

However… having said that, I feel that over the years I have but gain some experiences and shared with everyone who visited my blog. May it be stupid, funny, angry or even down right unethical.

Whatever it maybe… getting acknowledge by a site which has grown and become so popular is indeed something…

So… YOU PEOPLE BETTER LISTEN TO ME IF YOU WANT TO SPEED UP YOUR LEANING CURVE… Cause I am going to continue blogging about well… anything that makes sense to me in forex.

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