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I thought that I would want to separate this with my monthly update. The closing and posting of my monthly update is mainly due to my forex rebate.

And as always, I promote CashBackForex. One of the many ways to receive my monthly ‘Dividend’ from forex. Now who says forex is dull.

Forex Rebate needs to be looked at separately when I put my EA to work. If my EA works well… I get dividend from it’s effort. When it does not do well, the effort from my robots will help compensate these times of need.

It’s a strategy that needs to be looked at as a whole, and much have been said in my report about this strategy. Like any company that looks at their dividend receive from stocks holdings. I look at forex rebate as dividend received and consolidate it to my total profits from Forex.

Now let me once again update to you the interesting impact on forex rebates.

Here is my FXOpen account taking into consideration of my rebates

My rebate with FXOpen seems to improved my profits by 35%. It is this rebate that helped me achieve my 5% per month target and allowed me to exceed my target by more or less a month.

As for my alpari account, my divident was a whooping 100% improvement. While I fall short of 4 months target of 5% it’s still better than my FD interests….

So if you want to know more about it… download my total rebate report. The report will explain my approach on forex rebate.

If you haven’t register with a forex rebate program… then go to CashBackForex and register for an account.

Yeah I know… can’t help but do some promotion here… :)

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