Damn Lazy

Filed Under (Passing Thoughts) by Casey on 07-06-2010

I have been damn lazy these past few days. Probably unmotivated is the right word. After posting my rebate report, I just could not find any other things to do.

I just sit back, watch my accounts, chill out at home in front of the idiot box watch reruns of House MD and 24. Both great TV series if you ask me.

I just could not be asked about forex. Sighh… the ups and downs of life I guess

I always remember this saying by Warren Buffett. When there is nothing to do, then do nothing. Or something along that line. I believe he was referring to buying stocks. So for me, if there is nothing that comes out of my mind. Then I guess I just sit back and relax.

But after a while, I know I have to get my butt moving again. So to find some leads… I started to re-visit some of my favorite forex forums. That is one and only way to see what is happening in the forex ea world… and one of the few ways I find inspiration.

Well… rest assured. New inspiration was found and action will follow suit.

However, after some rest, it is always difficult to kick start activities in forex. Since my momentum has kind of slowed down, it takes a lot of effort to once again push my momentum forward.

Oh well… if it got to be done, it has got to be done.

I have kind of delayed my monthly report. This is because I am waiting for my rebate. I want to see how it much rebate I am getting for my last month forex activity to re-validate my rebate strategy.

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