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So far, there has not been any validation about the forex rebate strategy that I have posted about two months back. All I have is just some small bits and pieces of details with regards to this strategy.

I had got an email feedback a few weeks ago that question the validity of my strategy. In summary he said that this strategy was not a valid strategy.

He wrote:
Your “rebate strategy” is not a valid strategy because you will never get a rebate that is greater than the Ask-Bid spread cost. Brokers are not stupid. You do not have an edge; only a discount per trade (which is still better than nothing).

Also, you need to make sure that you are not disadvantaged in any way because of being enrolled in a rebate program (or using an Introducing Broker). e.g. make sure that your Ask-Bid spreads are the same as non-rebate clients.

I did not reply his email because there does not seem to be any detail verification that what I was doing make sense. I believe what he meant in the first paragraph was regards to arbitraging the price. The edge that I was talking about was not that the rebate will give make it profitable because the spread can never be zero.

And I have to admit that I only did two to three post with regards to Forex Rebate. There wasn’t much detail with regard to the advantage of having Forex Rebate as part of ones trading strategy.

Hence, over the past few weeks, I have been busy writing up a report. A report to explain in detail what I did and the theory behind this strategy.

This strategy is not meant to make money independently. I believe it is meant to probably enhance ones trading bottomline.

If one were to see my live account, I have inserted a column and row which include my total rebate. From that table, one can see how it either improves my return or reduces my losses. However, that table does not include my detail transaction and how these rebate actually assisted me in improving my each of my forex account.

Well, after much thought and four months of actual results. I would like to release this report for all my viewers to download and read.

To download, please visit this page here. TOTAL FOREX REBATE STRATEGY REPORT

Once you have downloaded and read the report.  Your feedback on this report is very much appreciated.

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