The End to Forex EA?

Filed Under (Journal) by Casey on 19-05-2010

How corny can an industry get?

I mean… is this the end to Forex EA? Maybe I have not been keeping up with my blog or some latest news, but if you haven’t notice… Well actually I have noticed that my mail box have been pretty quiet lately. No spam on ‘The Greatest Forex Robot that double your money in 3 days’ sort of thing…

Or an email which starts of like ‘ Hey ‘so and so’ I met this guy who has this great forex robot…. ‘ or ‘Dear ‘la di da’ Imagine a forex trader for 20 years….’ blah blah sort of email.

With no new news about new products I thought for a second that these EA sellers were trying to be creative and see if  there is anymore angle to push another forex robot in what I believe to be a saturated industry.

Then out of the blues… I get this email… ‘Casey, Forex IRONMAN is now LIVE!…’

I mean like ‘What the fu(k?!’

Is that the best the industry or rather these ‘one time fly by night programmers cum internet marketeers’ can do?!?

This is the first paragraph from one of the amail which I receive.

Forex Ironman comes as a great technological device in
collaboration with Starks Corporation. This Forex weapon gives
pin-point accuracy to the average Forex Trader targeting big bucks.
Never again will it be the Forex Gurus relentlessly pocketing all
the funds.

The first thing was ‘Oh My Gawd!!!!! This is so fu(king corny!!!’ Then again… the title of the forex EA was already corny. It was a real good laugh. So much so I had to just pen this down on my blog.

I drop what I was doing and thought to spare some time to share with you this…

I have so much tendency to say that my grand mother can actually thing of something better than these dudes. Now it’s either this industry is getting from dumb to dumber….

Or am I missing an angle.

Oh well… whatever it is… I am laughing this one off and continuing with my work.

Gawd!!! Even the header is so unoriginal…. Well… hope Marvel don’t catch this. Or this guys a$$ will be sued.

I understand the next forex ea to be release will be Forex A-Team and Forex Captain America… Coming to your nearest website of $hit things to be excited about.

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