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While I was cleaning and organizing my accounts… I finally got the time to really take a look at where I left off with Prime vs Kain and my Royal Rumble affair. It’s a bit difficult to see it on my previous live account since I dump all of the EA into one single account.

Nevertheless… the one very important tool which I will start and continue to use it very frequently is my Trade Analyzer by Easy-EA.

Furthermore, my royal rumble does not seem to be rumbling well… Argh… either these EA are pieces of $hit… or it is having one of those days… or the broker is just plain manure…

Screenshot from Royal Rumble

Ugly huh… Anyway, that is not what I wanted to analyze here.

On my first post on Prime vs Kain… I mention that Prime was firing up a few more shots than Kain. By the way… EAKain that I was using was their demo version, which was a copy of MegaDroid in which I renamed it ScalperPro. So after two months… let’s see how both of these two EA fair…




Note: I removed GBPUSD from Primeval compared to my initial posts. Just to give you an apple to apple comparison.

There you have it… after two months…. ScalperPro kick Primeval’s butt!!!

Well… ScalperPro must have something right because if you compare EURGBP on both these EA, Primeval got whacked. That was because last week most scalper EA that traded EURGBP got fu(ked.

Oh… just so you know. The data I extracted were from 26 Feb 2010 till 26 April 2010. And the above results were from one of my Alpari broker.

Out of interest… I push back the closing date to the 22 April 2010 before the big fall of EURGBP… And this is what I got…

ScalperPro (26 Feb 2010 till 19 April 2010)

Primeval (26 Feb 2010 till 19 April 2010)


While Primeval pull a lot of punches it does not however seem to be effective. Well…. it is pretty clear who is the winner huh…

Now that was Primeval vs ScalperPro (EAKain aka MegaDroid) on Alpari.

I still have my Royal Rumble results to present to you. On that post, I mentioned that FAPTurbo was in the lead while ScalperPro was second and in third place was Primeval. And signed off saying that Primeval then lead the chase with ScalperPro and FAPT close behind.

So let’s see how it fair till to date. The date taken was from 9 Feb 2010 till 23 April 2010.



Now isn’t this interesting…. It seems that FAPTurbo has come out the winner followed by ScalperPro and Primeval in last place.

One might probably note that while ScalperPro came out winning pip wise… the net profit is far less than FAPTurbo. Again, I believe I need to mention that for this rumble, we need to look at the pips because I did not set it to trade on a fix lot.

Thus, in actual fact ScalperPro come out as the winner while FAPTurbo and Primeval came out second and third respectively.

I will probably leave it to you to analyze the data and come to your own conclusion.

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