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It’s not that I don’t have anything else that is forex ea to write on this blog… It’s just that I found this interesting. Yes it has nothing to do with forex. But it has everything to do with SCAMs and all the sort of email SCAMs that can be found.

I receive this just recently and it was unfortunately, my email exchange server does not have an efficient spam detection filter. So, out of interest, I open it and just to see what are the new scams that people in this world is scheming.

So here is the screenshot of the email that I receive.

Even SCAMMERS has gone global.

The interesting thing I actually caught my eyes is this…

  1. 1. Our ‘Mr Fabian Sanchez’ has a Spanish or Mexican name or decedent.
  2. And he wrote this email to identify himself from Italy. (@tin.it)
  3. His Reply-to goes to his Japan account  (@yahoo.co.jp)
  4. But he wishes you to send a response to China (@w.cn)
  5. And of course you should call his UK headquarters. (+44….)

Man… SCAMMERS are just so creative at coming up with these sort of fictitious story. With these sort of creativity, they should spend their time writing books or novels rather than scamming people.

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