Monthly Update ~ March 2010

Filed Under (Performance) by Casey on 01-04-2010

It’s the time of the month again where I sum up my work for the month of March 2010.

Not such a good month for Alpari and my secret projects.

Sighh… even though my net return seems to be impressive, however looks can be deceiving as mentioned last month. I guess all will be disclose in due time which I keep saying but have not disclose it since last month…

Just so you know… I am hiding some facts.

Much more work still needs to be done for April. As long as I can continue to maintain year end positive results… I am fine. I suppose.

For my Alpari account, it was due to the drawdown by both Pipminer and Primeval… Yes, Primeval took a hit. It was before I decided to close out all drawdown after Asian hour to enjoy the rebate strategy.

Anyway… again my bottom line gives me some breathing space but I don’t think I’ll risk my profits. So I will continue to maintain this direction for KAIN and Primeval.

For my FXOpen account… Well… you all know how it all went, it needed the rebate to help save my a$$ the profits were mainly due to my Lovely Megan.

Well… in a bigger picture sort of conclusion. I close the first quarter of this year with mixed feelings. I still need to put in some more effort to realign my account and utilize my margin more effectively.

Oh well… the battle continues

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