Out of the Ordinary

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It’s not that I don’t have anything else that is forex ea to write on this blog… It’s just that I found this interesting. Yes it has nothing to do with forex. But it has everything to do with SCAMs and all the sort of email SCAMs that can be found.

I receive this just recently and it was unfortunately, my email exchange server does not have an efficient spam detection filter. So, out of interest, I open it and just to see what are the new scams that people in this world is scheming.

So here is the screenshot of the email that I receive.

Even SCAMMERS has gone global.

The interesting thing I actually caught my eyes is this…

  1. 1. Our ‘Mr Fabian Sanchez’ has a Spanish or Mexican name or decedent.
  2. And he wrote this email to identify himself from Italy. (@tin.it)
  3. His Reply-to goes to his Japan account  (@yahoo.co.jp)
  4. But he wishes you to send a response to China (@w.cn)
  5. And of course you should call his UK headquarters. (+44….)

Man… SCAMMERS are just so creative at coming up with these sort of fictitious story. With these sort of creativity, they should spend their time writing books or novels rather than scamming people.

Time to See What I am Made Off

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How time files. It has already been about 2 year since I started fooling around with forex EA and about 4 years give and take since I learned about forex. So where am I now…

Well… if ever my account was ever an indication… I would say nowhere close to what I imagine it to be since 4 years ago when I learned about forex.

Ahh… the dream… the dream of living it rich with forex… But it was only a dream. Reality does not really reflect fantasy no… Took me four years to look back and think how foolish I was to have this sort of dream.

Now having said that, while it was foolish of me to think that I can be filthy rich with forex it was however what took me right up to here in the first place. I guess with out that initial dream I would not be here writing on a blog. Ok.. writing and trading forex are two different thing. But it was also the blogging that help me spur and persist with forex. Especially forex ea.

Anyway, if you are not aware, myFXBook is currently running a forex contest. http://www.myfxbook.com/contests which is about to begin on the 5 May 2010.

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The Royal Affair

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While I was cleaning and organizing my accounts… I finally got the time to really take a look at where I left off with Prime vs Kain and my Royal Rumble affair. It’s a bit difficult to see it on my previous live account since I dump all of the EA into one single account.

Nevertheless… the one very important tool which I will start and continue to use it very frequently is my Trade Analyzer by Easy-EA.

Furthermore, my royal rumble does not seem to be rumbling well… Argh… either these EA are pieces of $hit… or it is having one of those days… or the broker is just plain manure…

Screenshot from Royal Rumble

Ugly huh… Anyway, that is not what I wanted to analyze here.

On my first post on Prime vs Kain… I mention that Prime was firing up a few more shots than Kain. By the way… EAKain that I was using was their demo version, which was a copy of MegaDroid in which I renamed it ScalperPro. So after two months… let’s see how both of these two EA fair… Read the rest of this entry »

By My Powers Combine

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At the beginning of this year, I reorganized my accounts in such a way that I wanted to segregate my EAs to my live accounts. In order to monitor my performances especially with Alpari UK I split my $$$ into a few account with Alpari and FXOpen.

It was manageable at that time and seem to be going well but I suddenly realize that by doing so I wasn’t utilizing my margin accordingly OR rather effectively. Especially with my Alpari account. I was pulling only 2% on a 3% – 4% drawdown.

Most traders would say that is good… but somehow or rather I felt that it could be better. Secondly, I have to calculate the drawdown manually which makes the figure above very arbitrarily.

I am not all that great in calculating drawdown… so that figure might either be too high or to low.

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Ending My Haiti Donation Drive

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Well… it’s been about two months now since I started the Haiti Donation Drive.

Yes… it was the time when I had a collision course with EAKain and their demo version of MegaDroid.

Has hot as it was… things cooled down and of course the Donation Drive dried up as well. I mean… not many ppl would donate without any further incentive is there.

Or probably I did not drive it hard enough.

However having said that. A few weeks ago, I believe it was reported that Haiti receive almost 10billion dollar in donation. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8596080.stm

Wow… 10 bn is a lot and lot and lot of money to rebuild an island. So since UN has said that the donation drive has actually surpassed the 10bn target. I guess my job here is done.

Once again… thank you very much for those who have donated to the cause. My drive with the help of EAKain and MegaDroid manage to pull in 907.47.

Puny compared to the target by UN but nevertheless… it still counts.

With this… I end it by bringing the page down with the final figure.

P.S. Here is the latest news that I can find with regards to the progress in Haiti


God Bless Megan

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Hallelujah!!! The Lord has answered my prayer!!

I asked the all Mighty if and whether my Lovely Megan can be improved and my prayers came with a Blessing.

Check this out…
(Click on graph for detail statement)

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Quiet April

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It has been very quiet from me these past two weeks… As usual, I have been busy with my day job. Deadlines to meet travelling here and there and there and here. And of course adding family time into my time table kind of made me choose to put forex as my last priority.

I am going to say this again and again and again and again…. Thank god for forex robot. On the other hand… because of my lack of focus on my account. My account also choose to lack focus on it’s profits.

Quiet… real quiet both on my blog, on my forex activities and my forex profits :(

Trying to get my forex engine starting again but creativity has been running a bit low. I have been surfing forums and myfxbook to find some inspiration.

But not all is lost. Have been working on a new lead with the remainder of my time these past weeks…

So stay tune… :)

Hope to fill this blog like a man possessed these coming days…

Secret Project Reveal ~ Part 2

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Allow me now to proceed with Part 2 of my secret project. We start off by a look at my account.

Stunning huh…

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Secret Project Reveal ~ Part 1

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It’s time I come clean with my secret projects 1 and 2. These secret projects were carried out at the end of the year and I have been mooting these projects because I had great expectation with these project because it was something new to me.

It is not entirely an EA project but rather it is a manage account using EA by the developer.

At the end of last year, I was convince that the best forex ea can not be found. If someone has it… they ain’t going to share it. And that was the reason why I had to try this out… I needed to know. And as they say, if you want to know, you got to get your hands dirty.

And so I did and by chance I manage to hook up with two guys to execute the project.

With manage account, it is a different game all together. Hmm… well it is not even a game. The reason is that my account is at their EA’s mercy. I totally have no control over it. Therefore, I can not be involve in it. Zip involvement. Zero touching. Zilch playing.

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Monthly Update ~ March 2010

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It’s the time of the month again where I sum up my work for the month of March 2010.

Not such a good month for Alpari and my secret projects.

Sighh… even though my net return seems to be impressive, however looks can be deceiving as mentioned last month. I guess all will be disclose in due time which I keep saying but have not disclose it since last month…

Just so you know… I am hiding some facts.

Much more work still needs to be done for April. As long as I can continue to maintain year end positive results… I am fine. I suppose.

For my Alpari account, it was due to the drawdown by both Pipminer and Primeval… Yes, Primeval took a hit. It was before I decided to close out all drawdown after Asian hour to enjoy the rebate strategy.

Anyway… again my bottom line gives me some breathing space but I don’t think I’ll risk my profits. So I will continue to maintain this direction for KAIN and Primeval.

For my FXOpen account… Well… you all know how it all went, it needed the rebate to help save my a$$ the profits were mainly due to my Lovely Megan.

Well… in a bigger picture sort of conclusion. I close the first quarter of this year with mixed feelings. I still need to put in some more effort to realign my account and utilize my margin more effectively.

Oh well… the battle continues