Royal Rumble

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Initially I wanted to entitle this post as “My Karmic Affair Part 4285” but thought seeing how things have changed over the past weeks I decided to rename the title of this post as “Royal Rumble”

Before I continue with my story… Take a look at this myfxbook chart.

Once upon a time in December 2009, I started to notice FAPTurbo again on my favorite lead site The gains seems to be mighty interesting like to rose blossoming in the sun. Obviously I had assume that Zeno has been running this EA for since the rave days of FAPTurbo. So I thought it would be interesting again to rekindle my karmic bond with FAPTurbo.

So once again, the story continues with my fapping affair….
It was not like I had not touch FAPTurbo, I had used it in my Silly Scalping escapade with interesting results… But this time round… I had a full blown joyride with the Turbo.

It was blissful on the first month as I saw the meteoric rise of my account. Mind you, I traded very conservatively. As the mountain peaked so was my expectations. Learning from my lessons with my previous encounter with FAPTurbo, I did not fondle the settings but just maintained it with hopes that it my expectation of this affair will yield me great returns.

I had the assumption that nobody was already interested in this one time ‘whore’ and that the market was forgiving to this EA as it was shown in

Alas, it was not to be…

Like any affair, it took a nose dive. “Oh… what hellish deja vu.” I thought. Should I continue my faith in FAPTurbo or should I just leave it like a lousy dried fish bone in the trash can.

Oh.. what predicament I was in. I thought to myself, ‘Maybe if I left it alone and give it some room to breath, it might rise once again from the ashes like a Phoenix bird’

And so… I ride into the sunset to leave FAPTurbo alone and bring glory to my account.

It was around that time when I had another affair with EAKain, that FAPTurbo really hit the dead bottom…
Instead of a Phoenix rising from the ashes…. Behold!!!! The story changed from here on end….

Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Welcome to the Royal Rumble!!!

Where the fight for glory and name sake takes place here!! The fight on a fair ground AND on the same platform!! Challenging on all four currency pair of EURGBP, GBPCHF, USDCHF and USDCAD!!!

I welcome you…. to a fight that might see the make or break of my FXOpen account!!! A fight that will claim itself as the “Best Forex EA” title of the world!!!


Allow me to introduce to you the Challengers ladies and gentlemen….

The first challenger… weighing in as the old favorite of scalping. The EA that has brought other commercial EA to aspire and to emulate the same success as this EA have experiences!!! The EA that has successfully marketed to the world alike!!!

F “The AP”…. Turrrbooooo!!!!!!!!!! *The crowd roar and scream*

The second challenger… weighing in as the clone of all clone. The EA that everybody says is the best EA that emerged from the Caspian sEAs… The EA that gives you one great demo but sells you another to what it is claim to be an Original!!!

EA “The MegaDroid” Kainnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! *The crowd goes completely wild*

Now let’s…. Wait!!!

What is this?! I am receiving some news!! What?!? Another contender!! *The crowd begin to whisper amongst themselves*

Yes, we have another entry ladies and gentlemen… A third challenger!!

A third challenger has come to my attention ladies and gentlemen…. An unknown masked challenger that claims will and can beat the nuts out of these two challengers!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen…

This third challenger will also want to seek to claim a spot as the “Best Forex EA” title of the world!!! Weighing in as an unknown contender with only stats to prove!!! Coming in!!! Its…….

Prim “The Suspect” Evalllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!! *The crowd is in total pandemonium*

Tom: My lord!! The crowd is going wild…

Dick: Yes Tom… This three way fight in the royal rumble is simply just crazy!! This is going to be a great fight I tell you… Let’s wait for the bell to ring for Round 1…..


Tom: What?! Round 2?!

Dick: My that was quick!! What the hell…

Tom: Well Dick… It seems that these challengers have already started the fight.

Dick: Maybe we can get some instant replay to see what the hell just happened.


My… my….what is this replay all about Casey.

Ok guys…. This fight has already started since 9 February when the whole thing about Kain exploded. As I mentioned in my previous post. Primeval and EAKain wrote to me about the same time when My Fapping Turbo was fapping to the pits.

I did a few quick backtest and found that it would be interesting to pit these EA together LIVE to see how well they perform while I continue to dig in deeper into EAKain and Primeval.

The snapshot above is by using an old but goodie EA (Trade Analyzer by It was the only way to monitor three EA in one live account. So which means the above FXOpen account you see is a combination of Fapturbo, EAKain/Modified MegaDroid and Primeval trading four currency pairs as shown above.

The data used was from the 9 February 2010 till 28 February 2010.

You can see my dinosaur MT4 detail statement here and compare it with myfxbook and also the above results if you want. (But why must Casey “The Honest” Lim want to bull$hit you when it comes to this??)

Anyway… all these three EA uses MM set at 2% each, which would probably give me a max drawdown of 30% if this really hit the roof.

Now let’s have a look at the details shall we… It seems that for the few days of trading, FAPTurbo is still kicking butt, with Kain MD following way behind and Primeval eating the dusts of both these EA in terms of Net Profits.

However, Kain MD by default uses MM and I can’t set a fix lot on it. So it only makes sense to set the MM to 2% on all these three EA. But not all MM settings are build the same. So the best indicator would be the total pips done.

As you can see… FAPT did 223pips, Kain MD did 163pips while Primeval did 128pips.

So it seems that FAPT is still kicking butt overall but Kain MD and Primeval has their share of good trades on GBPCHF and USDCHF respectively.

However like all EA results, it needs time to see how well it will work out. I mean hey… FAPT sucked really bad in January 2010 as you can see from myfxbook chart.

Round 2 currently underway and from what I can see, Primeval is at the top, followed by Kain MD and lastly FAPT.

Ah…. the interesting world of EA….

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