Monthly Update ~ Feb 2010

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Ok… it’s time of the month again where I close my account for February 2010 to see how my business is doing.

There were some slight adjustments as my follow up does not seem to be as accurate as it should be. There is some discrepancy if you compare it with my previous post “Monthly Update ~ Jan 2010“. Ok my bad… it was my mistake because my follow up sheet is so complicated that my formula on my excel spreadsheet fu(k it up for me.

Nevertheless… the discrepancy came from one of my secret project.

Let’s focus on my FXOpen and Alpari account… My target is to close the gap for these two brokers and I seem to slowly but surely closing the gap. Using very prudent money management… and of course some power house EA. I hope to continue this trend.

Then again… I don’t know what will happen next month… Anything can happen…

I am still upbeat about this coming month and if I don’t fu(k around with my account too much, I believe I can maintain this momentum.

I was seriously thinking of tweaking my Alpari account. From my calculation (which is not shown here) I have a total drawdown of 3.55% while the return of the past two months is at 5.35%. Not too bad… with regards to my risk vs reward.

I am not too sure if I want to increase my lot size to spruce up my returns or continue as it is… Alpari is really giving me a lackluster performances.

I guess I shouldn’t mess with it. The horror that I experiences last year is still fresh in my mind. Anyway, I have already added another strategy with my “Primeval vs Kain” race in the final week of February… So for the month of March I will sit back and see how this race pans out and how it will effect my March performance.

For my FXOpen… I will continue with the ‘status quo’ and not do anything about it… The calculated drawdown for the past two months is about 9.21% vs a return of 10.01%. I shouldn’t touch it anymore because I am touching the 10% drawdown…

Well… as they say… no pain no gain. I am actually exposing a lot of risk on my FXOpen account. That is why it seems to be performing better than my Alpari account.

Now let’s come to my secret projects…

It might seems that my secret project are the heavy weight behind my current performances and also seem to outperform my monthly target return of 5%.

But……………… Looks can be deceiving. It is for this reason that I continue to maintain this as a secret and also continue to include these performances just for boosting my fantasy that I am performing well… :)

Anyway… it is still too early to disclose any of this information. Hopefully as I always hope, I will disclose the full information in the near future.

Oh… I also need to add that… some of you might have notice that my forex rebate figure here is bigger than the one I describe on my post “Rocking Rebate“. The huge differences as stated on that post comparing to the one above was also due to my secret project. Since it was a 10k account obviously the rebate will obviously be bigger…

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